Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 Patch Notes Include Ranked Game Improvements and Double XP

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 Patch Notes Include Ranked Game Improvements and Double XP

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 Patch Notes Include Ranked Game Improvements and Double XP

Call of Duty Season 3 is officially coming to Vanguard with a new Battle Pass, multiplayer map, operators, and more. The patch notes for the big update also include some changes to ranked game modes, bug fixes, and a double XP event.

To celebrate the new season, Vanguard has now launched the “Max Double XP” event to help players level up faster. During the entire event period, all players can enjoy double XP gain rates for regular player upgrades, weapon XP, operator XP, guild XP, and Battle Pass XP. The Max Double XP event will run until May 2nd.

The Season 3 update brings the Mayhem multiplayer map, new trophy system field upgrades, and plenty of improvements to the game. Fixed some maps including broken graphics near Eagle’s Nest library and adjusted P1 Hardpoint location on Bocage.

Vanguard’s Arms Race mode gets major gameplay improvements in Season 3. These include adjustments to destructible walls and base gates that don’t break properly, and a fix for an issue where the operator wouldn’t line up with the motorcycle while driving it. The update also improves the tank’s ability to traverse terrain.

Vanguard’s Ranked Mode is now officially out of beta for Season 3. Players’ skill levels have been reset, and they need to play 5 skill assessment matches to earn Season 3 skill levels and enter skill sets and levels. New seasonal rewards are also available.

Ranked Play also brings some changes and improvements. Berlin was added to the mod as a control map. Sledgehammer Games is working hard to combat inactive players in Season 3 and is now kicking inactive players out of ranked matches, which also makes them eligible for a suspension or penalty. Additionally, the Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle and Sledgehammer Melee Weapon are both restricted to ranked matches.

Seasonal updates are a bit light on zombies. Players can look forward to completing new seasonal challenges, with several fixes to improve gameplay and stability. Additionally, Season 3’s new weapons can be used in Zombies once unlocked in the Battle Pass.

See below for the full patch notes for Season 3, shared by Sledgehammer Games.

Additionally, Warzone has received a massive update for Season 3, which includes map changes themed around the upcoming conflict between Godzilla and Kong. The updated patch notes also reveal some major weapon balances, with huge nerfs to the sniper rifle and Vanguard’s most popular light machine gun.

multiplayer game


  • New: Chaos

  • bocage

  • Eagle’s Nest

  • Gavutu

  • vice pen


  • control

  • arms race

    • general

      • Fixed an issue where players within the blast radius of a base were not being properly notified.

      • Destructible walls in castle bases are now properly damaged by blasting explosive lethal gear.

      • Corrected capture point boundaries for base E to prevent players from capturing from unexpected locations.

      • Players will no longer lose lethal gear after purchasing field upgrades from the Buy Station.

      • Fixed an issue where the base gate could not be broken after deploying a motorcycle.

      • Improved the tank’s ability to traverse terrain.

      • Fixed an issue where the operator would not align with the motorcycle while driving it.

      • Friendly base gates will no longer get stuck after players detonate the Goliath Battlefield upgrade.

      • Weapons equipped with the Wreckage Proficiency attachment will now deal higher damage to walls, gates, and vehicles.

    • Stability and exploits

      • Fixed an issue that caused a crash with a fatal error when a player joined an ongoing match.

      • Increased the distance at which enemies can be seen to prevent seemingly invisible engagements by players.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could use vehicles to survive outside of the playable area.

      • Addressed a bug that caused players to become invulnerable when they had no health remaining.

      • Addressed an exploit where players could get an unexpected number of Nebula crates.

ranking match

  • Qualifying leaves beta

  • Season 3 Skill Level Reset

    • Player skill levels have been reset at the start of Season 3.

    • Compete in 5 skill assessment matches to earn Season 3 skill ratings and enter skill sets and tiers.

    • The initial skill rating position for Season 3 has changed. As a result, after their 5 skill assessment matches, some players may find that their ranking is lower than their initial position at the start of the Season 2 Beta.

    • Win matches after your initial position to gain SR and advance your skill sector and rank for the remainder of the season.

  • Season 3 Top 250 Skillsets and Leaderboards

    • The Season 3 Top 250 Skillsets and Ladders will go live on May 4th, a full week of Season 3, giving players time to earn Season 3 skill levels and advance.

  • general

    • Fixed a “cricket glitch” that was causing performance drops and chirping noises for some players on certain maps.

    • Fixed an issue where Ranked Battle camouflage rewards would occasionally be unequipped.

    • Inactive players will now be kicked out of ranked matches, making them eligible for suspension or rank and skill level penalties.

    • Added Berlin Control to the Ranked Battle map rotation.

  • User interface update

    • Skill leveling now uses Roman numerals instead of numbers (Elite V, Elite IV, Elite III, Elite II, Elite I).

    • When unlocked, ladder event rewards are correctly displayed as unlocked on the My Career Rewards screen.

    • All players can now view and preview ranked Legendary Solange Operator skin rewards on the Sector Rewards tab of the rewards screen, regardless of their current skill sector.

    • Victory flames now display behind the ranking icons on the ladder and top 250 leaderboards when earned.

    • Updated top 250 skill department icons used in different locations.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Technician icon to be incorrectly offset from the player level icon on some screens.

  • limit

  • Season 3 Ranked Battle Rewards

  • qualifying match



  • NEW: Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle)

    • This AR has a best-in-class rate of fire, is accurate and reliable, and can be equipped to outperform in CQC or long-range combat scenarios.

    • Unlocked with the Battle Pass on Tier 31.

  • NEW: M1916 (Martian Rifle)

    • A semi-automatic rifle that combines power and rate of fire. Impressive at any range in a capable shooter.

    • Unlocked with the Battle Pass at Tier 15.

  • New: Sledgehammer (Melee)

    • A tool designed for smashing rocks, though it’s equally good for punching an enemy’s bone.

    • Unlock Challenges: Get multi-kills with melee weapons in 15 different matches.

  • New: Skål Crusher (Melee)

  • Volkssturmgewehr (assault rifle)

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

  • Ice Axe (Melee)

  • general

    • Camo challenges that require headshots or long shots are now properly tracked.

    • Progress to unlock the Plague Diamond camouflage in Zombies is now properly tracked.

    • Added unlock challenges for Season 2 Battle Pass weapons.



Field upgrade

  • NEW: Trophy system

    • A deployable autonomous defense system capable of destroying up to three nearby devices and projectiles.

    • Available to all players when they log in for the first time in Season 3.

More about the trophy system

When we released Vanguard last year, our initial tweaks to lethal gear de-emphasized their lethality in combat and focused our combat on gun skills. With new explosive gear added in the season update and clear player feedback indicating its appeal, the trophy system should obviously make its debut.

Once deployed, the trophy system will protect its immediate radius from the following incoming and pre-established items for a limited time. Notably, the throwing knife is an exception to these defenses due to the high-risk, high-reward nature of this lethal piece of equipment.

  • incendiary grenade

  • sticky bomb

  • MK2 Frag Grenade

  • golden gate bomb

  • Thermite

  • demolition cost

  • Molotov cocktail

  • 69 stun grenade

  • MK V gas

  • S-Mine 44

  • decoy grenade

  • ammo box

  • Trophy system

  • jammer

  • live microphone

User Interface and Experience

  • Party Operators will now hold the correct display weapon during the lobby walk sequence.

  • In Hardcore Mode, the proximity indicator no longer appears on the HUD of the Sticky Bomb lethal outfit.

  • Arms Race, Control and Patrol are now properly tracked in the combat log.

  • Improved scrolling of Friends and Recent Players lists.

  • Corrected the challenge descriptions for the NZ-41 Survivor and Type 11 Death Artist camouflage categories.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player’s microphone indicator to disappear.

Sets and Cosmetics

zombie update


  • third episode

  • Added new weapon unlock challenges for KG40, Whitely, Sledgehammer and Skål Crusher’s Zombies.



side quests



  • Fixed an issue where players equipped with melee weapons and lethal gear would hold the gear like a weapon after respawning.

  • Resolved various visual and animation issues with thrown melee weapons in Zombies.

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