Do I need to play Metal Gear 1 and 2?

Do I need to play Metal Gear 1 and 2?

Yes. In fact, you need to play ALL the Metal Gear Solids and read their wikis especially MGS3, and then go back to MGS2, playing it again, in order to understand it. Also, don’t forget to read all the material provided in MGS1 regarding Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2.

Thereof Is Solid Snake Big Boss? Solid Snake is one of three clones of Big Boss(Naked Snake), and twin brother to Liquid(also known as Eli in MGSV). Solid Snake is the protagonist of Metal Gear 1 & 2, and Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, & 4. Big Boss is the protagonist Metal Gear Solid 3, Peace walker, & 5 and was the bad guy in Metal Gear.

Do you have to play MGS in order? While it’s certainly not required to play the games in order, it’ll make understanding Metal Gear’s overarching plot much easier. … That said, Metal Gear Solid: Survive is included because it directly emanates from the events in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and resides as the most current release in the series.

Regarding this Should I play MGS3 first? The original Metal Gear Solid game is 15 years old at this point; and unlike more recent Metal Gear Solid titles, a lot of MGS1 is played from a top-down view.

Can I play mgs4 without playing the others?

You can, but it’s a pretty bad idea. That would be like starting the Star Wars series by first watching the last half-hour of Return of the Jedi.

Also Know Does Big Boss believe in Santa? Big Boss, or the original Snake, canonically believes in Santa Claus. We’re not even joking: Big Boss believes that Santa is real and he is tracked by NORAD’s radar system every Christmas Eve. … Big Boss no longer goes by his code name of Snake, and he’s got a big eyepatch in place of his missing right eye.

How did Snake lose his eye? During Colonel Volgin’s torture of him, Big Boss, then known as Naked Snake, received a muzzle burn that blinded him in his right eye, which also ruptured and destroyed the cornea and the lens of his eye, while intercepting a bullet that was meant for Tatyana/EVA, after her cover was blown.

identically Why is snake called naked? Naked Snake (Big Boss), circa 1970. Although he had been labeled Big Boss and became a legend in the black ops world due to his exploits, he continued to use the codename Naked Snake because he felt that he was unworthy of the title of Boss.

Are MGS games connected?

There’s no connection between each mission, boss character pop in and out for no reason, with no real impact on game play or environment.

Also What games should I play before Phantom Pain? The best way to play Peace Walker is through Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3 and Xbox 360. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – The last of the essential games to play prior to Phantom Pain is Ground Zeroes, which is set in between Peace Walker and the upcoming title.

Which Metal Gear should I play first?

Probably the easiest approach is to go in order, MGS1-4. Some events in MGS1 call back to the MSX games, but MGS1 can also be read as attempting to remake those games. MGS3 is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the narrative, so it’s not necessary to play it after the previous two games.

Can I start at Snake Eater? Snake Eater is by no means an easy game, or a simple one. … In fact, the other MGS games either omit or streamline a lot of the mechanics found here, making them feel a bit easier by comparison. Snake Eater is a very open-ended game that rewards creative thinking. There’s no “One Right Way” to play MGS3.

Can I play MGSV without playing the others?

TL;DR: don’t start MGS V: Phantom Pain if you haven’t played the previous games. There’s a special collection called the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection , which has all the games on a single disk, so you can just buy that and play everything.

as a matter of fact What Metal Gear game should I start with?

Perhaps you should start with Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I myself started with the Solid series. MGS3 came before the modern Metal Gear games, so play the ones which cover Big Boss’s story. (Portable Ops, Peace Walker, Snake Eater).

Do I need to play MGS4 before mgs5? TL;DR: don’t start MGS V: Phantom Pain if you haven’t played the previous games. There’s a special collection called the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection , which has all the games on a single disk, so you can just buy that and play everything.

Can I play MGS4 first? I never played any MGS game before playing MGS4. I enjoyed MGS4 quite a lot. I recommend you play through 1-3 first. They’re great games, and they’ll help you appreciate 4 much more.

Do I have to play ground zeroes before Phantom Pain?

It’s fun, and holds some story and plot points that are important to Phantom Pain. Is it essential though? No. As long as you understand the jist of what happened in Ground Zeroes you should be fine.

Is Venom Snake a good guy? In-game, Venom is meant to represent Big Boss’ more demonic tendencies, not necessarily evil, but inherently not good. By doing villainous deeds, Venom Snake’s horn can actually grow.

Who trained Solid Snake?

Despite his success in Outer Heaven, Snake departed FOXHOUND and entered early retirement. He also chose to abandon the CQC techniques taught to him by Big Boss, due to its association with the man who had betrayed his unit.

What is Venom Snake’s real name?

Venom Snake
Motion capture Kiefer Sutherland (facial) Erik Brown (body) Rudy McCollum (body [Ground Zeroes and Prologue: Awakening])
In-universe information
Full name Assigned by the player
Aliases Punished Snake , Ahab, V, Big Boss’ phantom

Did Paz really survive?

True to Big Boss’s suspicions, Paz had indeed survived, and was later rescued by a Belizean fisherman. However, Cipher subsequently had her held for interrogation at Camp Omega, on the southern tip of Cuba, after becoming suspicious of her loyalty.

What languages does snake speak? Snake possesses an IQ of 180 and is fluent in six languages.

Who killed venom snake?

It also reveals that, in 1995, the Outer Heaven uprising occurs, but is stopped by Solid Snake, who kills Big Boss’s phantom; Punished ‘Venom’ Snake. The time line ends with ‘Big Boss dies’. There is a final conversation after the credits. In it, Miller and Ocelot discuss Big Boss’s plans.

Why does Big Boss say his name is John? At the end of the game, when Ocelot asks what N. Snake’s name is, Snake smiles and responds with ‘John’. He smiles because he knows that he is basically one-upping Ocelot, because it is not his real name. He calls himself John to hide his real identity.

Is Big Boss’s name John Doe?

John Doe is used as a placeholder name for a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action, case, or discussion. … Big Boss, who once identified himself as John Doe.

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