Is S9 plus worth buying in 2021?

Is S9 plus worth buying in 2021?

Is it worth buying an S9 in 2021? With the S9 now costing around $200 on the refurbished market, it surely is still a good buy. Since this phone was Samsung’s flagship release in 2018 (together with the S9 Plus and Note 9) you can expect fast internals that will make the phone stay speedy for a few years to come.

Thereof How old is the S9+? Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+
First released 16 March 2018
Availability by region show 11 March 2018 show 16 March 2018
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
Successor Samsung Galaxy S10

What’s the difference between S9 and S9 plus? Galaxy S9 vs S9+

The S9 and S9+ aren’t exactly the same; the most obvious difference is their display size. The S9’s display is 5.8 inches, while the S9+ display is 6.2 inches. There is also more than meets the eye. The S9+ has a 3,500 mAh battery, while the S9 has a 3,000 mAh battery.

Regarding this Will S9 get Android 11? So while devices like the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 won’t officially make the move to Android 11 or Android 12, they will get security patches and bug fixes for the foreseeable future. Samsung’s confirmed plans to keep some Galaxy devices updated with security patches for four years.

Is S9 plus waterproof?

Yes. Don’t be afraid to get wet. The Galaxy S9/S9+ both have an IP68 rating, meaning you don’t have to stop texting or taking photos on account of rain.

Also Know Is Galaxy S9 discontinued? The Galaxy S9 may have been usurped by the subtle upgrades in the Galaxy Note 9, but with the future of the Note range in question, it will come as a shock to Samsung fans that this phone has instead led to the cancellation of an S9 instead

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 plus worth buying? Short answer: It’s not the flashiest phone out there, but the Galaxy S9 has aged gracefully over the years. With plenty of features and extremely low used prices on Swappa, the Galaxy S9 is one of the best cheap Android phones you can buy in 2021.

identically Does S9 plus have dual sim? The beautifully designed Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with dual SIM provides all of the great features of the S9 Plus model, but with the added benefit of dual SIM capabilities.

How much does Samsung S9 cost?

Samsung Galaxy S9 price in Nigeria starts at around 135,000 Naira. You can buy the device for around 45,000 KSh in Kenya and 3,699 GHS in Ghana.

Also What is Android 11 called? Google has released its latest big update called Android 11 “R”, which is rolling out now to the firm’s Pixel devices, and to smartphones from a handful of third-party manufacturers.

Is Android 10 or 11 better?

Thankfully, Android 11 now gives more control over privacy and security to users than ever before. … When you first install an app, Android 10 will ask you if you want to grant the app permissions all the time, only when you’re using the app, or not at all.

Will S9 plus get Android 12? Don’t hate the messenger, but Samsung won’t release Android 12 and One UI 4.0 for the Galaxy S9 series. The 2018 flagship models aren’t covered by Samsung’s new three-year OS update policy, and even if they were, they still wouldn’t have cut it.

Can S9 take pictures underwater?

Like the last generation Galaxy S8, S9 and S9 plus are rated at IP68. The number 8 indicates they are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30mins. … So, it’s better not try to take photos underwater with your S9/ S9+ underwater without extra protection.

as a matter of fact Is Samsung S9 wireless charging?

Wireless Charging is supported on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6 edge, and S6. … *Wireless charging under 5W (Normal-mode) is compatible with WPC and PMA.

Does the S9 have Gorilla Glass? Sleek and stunning, the screen and the bezel blend together to form a seamless design, with drop-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 on both the front and back for durability and a high-quality finish.

Is a S9 plus waterproof? / S9+ is rated IP68, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes). … Do not immerse the device in water deeper than 5 feet for more than 30 minutes.

Is the S9 plus discontinued?

The eligible devices don’t include Galaxy S models released before the Galaxy S10. All previous models are not eligible. So this leaves the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ out of luck.

How can I tell if my phone is dual SIM? To see if the phone your using is dual-SIM, go into your phone’s Settings app. Tap on Network and internet. The SIM cards option should be right below Airplane mode. If you see that the option shows you two slots for a SIM card, your phone is Dual-SIM.

How much RAM does S9 plus have?

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Full Specifications

Processor 1.7GHz octa-core
Processor make Samsung Exynos 9810
Internal storage 64GB
Expandable storage Yes

How many SIM cards does the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus have? G9650

Body Dimensions 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm (6.22 x 2.91 x 0.33 in)
Weight 189 g (6.67 oz)
Build Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame
SIM Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)

How much does a used Galaxy S9 cost?

Cheapest Used Galaxy prices

Device Storage Price
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB $117
Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB $126
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB $135
Samsung Galaxy A21 32GB $146

How much is a used Samsung S9 worth? Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth now

Model Original price Flipsy resale value
Galaxy S8 (2017) $750 $242
Galaxy S8+ (2017) $850 $225
Galaxy S9 (2018) $720 $316
Galaxy S9+ (2018) $840 $360

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What is Android 12 called?


Name Internal codename API level
Android Honeycomb Honeycomb 11
Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream Sandwich 14

What will be the name of Android 12? Android 12 is codenamed ‘Snow Cone‘, a Google executive revealed on Twitter.

Is Android 12 launched?

The first beta was released on May 18, 2021. Android 12 was released publicly on October 4, 2021 , through Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and was released to supported Google Pixel devices on October 19, 2021.

Android 12.

Official website
Support status

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