Is the S10 plus discontinued?

Is the S10 plus discontinued?

Samsung Won’t Discontinue Galaxy S10 Series; Introduces an Attractive $150 Price Cut Instead. … After all, with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra officially here, not everyone will want to pick up Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Thereof Is Samsung S10 Plus outdated? Best answer: No, you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S10 in 2021. While it’s still a decent smartphone, it’s outdated and still costs quite a lot. For the same price, you can get newer and much better smartphones like the Galaxy S20FE and the Galaxy S21.

Is S10 plus worth buying in 2021? The camera is still top notch. The display is very bright and looks amazing. It is also the last Samsung flagship phone to have an earphone jack and a heart rate/ Blood Saturation sensor on the back. The only drawback of s10+ in 2021 is that it is only 60Hz display instead of 60/120Hz.

Regarding this How long will S10 be supported? Samsung has promised three years of Android updates to all Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 variants in the Galaxy S series. Sadly, the Galaxy S9 series isn’t included in the list. This means that Android 10 would be the last update for the S9 and S9 Plus, given that they launched with Android Oreo.

Which is better Galaxy S10 or S20?

One big difference between the two phones is in refresh rate, as while the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a ‘standard’ 60Hz screen, the Galaxy S20 doubles that to 120Hz. … The touch input rate is also double on the Galaxy S20, at 240Hz rather than 120Hz, which means when you press the screen the Galaxy S20 picks it up faster.

Also Know Is the S10 plus good in 2021? The camera is still top notch. The display is very bright and looks amazing. It is also the last Samsung flagship phone to have an earphone jack and a heart rate/ Blood Saturation sensor on the back. The only drawback of s10+ in 2021 is that it is only 60Hz display instead of 60/120Hz.

Is Samsung coming out with a new phone in 2021? Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated flagship lineup for 2021. The newest Samsung phones in the Galaxy S lineup are now the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. All three handsets are powered by the Exynos 2100/Snapdragon 888 chipset depending on the region.

identically Which is better the S10 or S10 Plus? Both of these phones are powerful enough to keep up with you all day long. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has stronger specs than the S10, as it boasts a larger screen, dual front camera, faster processor and more powerful battery.

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus?

The S10 features a 6.1-inch display, three rear cameras and a single front-facing camera. The S10 Plus, meanwhile, is a bit larger with a 6.4-inch screen. The bigger display is accommodated with a higher-capacity battery (a 4,100-mAh battery compared to the Galaxy S10’s 3,400-mAh one).

Also What is the difference between a Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e? Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e have innovative Infinity-O Displays, but the S10 boasts a 6.1-inch WQHD+ screen, giving you even better resolution than the S10e, so you’ll get incredibly sharp images. … The S10 sports a bigger battery than the S10e, and it also has improved battery performance.

Is Galaxy S10e discontinued?

The cheapest Galaxy S10e with 128GB of storage and 6GB RAM is now available for 9.99 from Amazon, Samsung’s website, and other retail stores. Sadly, the 256GB model with 8GBR RAM has seemingly been discontinued, and all the fun colors (like the ‘Canary Yellow’ version seen in the photos here) are also gone.

How long do Samsung phones last? In general you should expect to get around 3 years usual usage. The battery would most likely need replacing after 2/3 years. I’ve still got my old faithful Galaxy S3, it’s 4yrs old and started to succumb to old age via poor battery life.

Why did Samsung Galaxy go from S10 to S20?

We chose Galaxy S20 because we wanted a name that kicks off the next ten years of innovation. This year, 2020, begins a whole new decade and marks Samsung as a pioneer of a mobile ecosystem powered by 5G, AI, and IoT. … That’s why it’s not the Galaxy S11.

as a matter of fact How old is the Galaxy S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was officially released in March 2019 as a followup to the previously successful Galaxy S9 series. The regular Galaxy S10 (6.1-inch) was joined by the smaller Galaxy S10e (5.8-inch), larger Galaxy S10+ (6.4-inch), and a special 6.7-inch 5G variant as well.

What replaced the Galaxy S10? The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ launch prices started at $749/£586, $899/£704 and $999/£782, while the S10 5G’s launch price was $1299. On 6 March 2020, Samsung launched the successor to the S10, the Samsung Galaxy S20.

What phone should I buy in 2021? Here are the best smartphones of 2021 for India:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. A top tier smartphone, and it takes our best crown. …
  2. iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best iPhones. …
  3. OnePlus 9 Pro.
  4. iPhone 13. …
  5. Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus. …
  6. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. …
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. …
  8. iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What is the latest Samsung phone and price?

  • Samsung Galaxy A03 Core. Rs. 7,999 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. Rs. 26,990 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy F42 5G. Rs. 20,999 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 (Exynos) Rs. 13,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. Rs. 32,990 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy M32 5G. Rs. 16,999 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Rs. 84,999 Buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s. Rs. 10,472 Buy.

What is the newest phone in 2021? The best phones 2021

  • Google Pixel 6.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Best phone for photography and video in 2021. …
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.
  • TCL 20S.
  • Google Pixel 5A.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Which has better camera S10 or S10 Plus?

The difference is located on the front. The S10 only has one megapixel selfie camera, while the S10 Plus has a second, 8-megapixel camera. Thanks to the extra selfie camera, you can take pictures with a depth of field effect.

Does S10 plus support 5G? Yes, the Galaxy S10 is 5G compatible, but there’s a catch. You have to buy a specific model of the new flagship if you want 5G support.

Is S10 better than iPhone?

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 costs more than Apple’s iPhone XR, but comes with better camera trickery, an ultra-wide lens, ingenious power-sharing tech, and a beautifully-sharp AMOLED display to level-up video quality. It’s not perfect, but this feature-packed flagship is outstanding value for money.

How old is the Samsung S10+? Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Compatible networks 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G (S10 5G)
First released 4 March 2019 S10 Lite: 3 January 2020
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+
Successor Samsung Galaxy S20 S10 Lite: Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

How much bigger is the S10 plus than the S10?

But a larger screen means a larger overall phone. Because the phones use a very tall 19:9 aspect ratio, most of that extra size comes in height. The Galaxy S10+ is about 8mm taller and 3.5mm wider than the S10 — that’s about 5% larger in each direction.

Is S10 and S10e same size? The key difference between the four models is size. The Galaxy S10e has a 5.8-inch, full-HD display, which is the same size screen as the iPhone 11 Pro. The Galaxy S10 steps up to a 6.1-inch, quad-HD panel, and the Galaxy S10 Plus packs a 6.4-inch, quad-HD panel.

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