Mario + Rabbit: Spark of Hope is more like a Mario game

Mario + Rabbit: Spark of Hope is more like a Mario game

Mario + Rabbit: Spark of Hope is more like a Mario game


Mario + Rabbit: Spark of Hope is the unlikely sequel to the most unlikely hit. The original Mario + Rabbids game Kingdom Battle was an insane collaboration between Nintendo’s most iconic characters and Ubisoft’s screaming Minion-like goons, all mixed in with a healthy dose of XCOM. The most shocking thing is that they fit together perfectly. For Sparks of Hope, Ubisoft is further experimenting with free movement, more reminiscent of traditional Mario games, with new playable characters like Bowser, and emphasizing the flexibility of its new Sparks system.

“It was a dream project for me, and the opportunity to start making games with Mario and Rabbi was almost unbelievable,” creative director Davide Soliani told GameSpot. “As a player and a developer, I have always respected, [Nintendo’s] IP, but it was very nervous for me to walk in front of them and come up with our ideas.We’ve been working together since then as we did Mario + Rabbit Kingdom Battle, but we’re also committed to [Donkey Kong Adventure]. Then we start with the spark of hope.

“What I will say is that we have now been working with Nintendo for eight years in a row. We have never stopped working with them, which has given us the confidence, strength and knowledge to not only respect their IP, but to understand more More” about the Mario universe, going deeper and deeper. But we also strengthened our relationship in terms of exchanging ideas. “

This strange mix of influences — Mario games, Bunny games, and tactical games with adventure elements — meant Soriani and his team had to convince Ubisoft, then Nintendo, and finally players to believe The goodness of the game. This led the team to adopt a philosophy of constantly surprising players with humor and strategic depth. In Sparks of Hope, Soliani said he wanted to surprise players with “this extra epic vibe.” This extends to the story, more broadly, and the combat system aspect.

“I believe the same is true for Kingdom Battle, but even more so in a spark of hope,” he said. “The depth of our combat system is one of the elements we’re most proud of. There are others, but it’s the core of our game, I believe.”

Soriani said that the combat system this time around is very focused on the synergy between heroes and skills, allowing you to customize heroes to your liking, use their skill points, and give you more flexibility and use combo ability. The demo we saw is a great example of how heroes can interact with each other and the environment in a number of ways compared to Kingdom Battle. While the game has some combo moves, like jumping onto each other for greater range, the brief combat encounters we’ve seen have synergies of greater range – from tagging enemies for combo attacks to floating above for gentle landings to Use environmental hazards and enemies like Bob-ombs as weapons.

All of this is complemented by a new mobility system that now roams freely. Instead of picking your position on a grid, Mario and his crew move the way you’d expect in any other Mario game, jogging around the battlefield, jumping over obstacles, and collecting coins. Combining this intuitive level of movement with more natural combat options that eschew the last game’s menu system means this looks to mimic classic 3D Mario mechanics. It remains to be seen whether Ubisoft has nailed down the feel of a Mario game, but it looked pretty natural in the gameplay demo. Free movement is the core essence of Mario games.

“Tome, [the new movement system] Added freedom,” Soriani said. “That’s how I want players to feel when they play the game. There’s no problem with the grid system and cursor; I like those types of games. I do Kingdom Battle because I love these kinds of games. But we didn’t want to just do a pure sequel. We wanted to redo the game from scratch. We wanted to bring a new reason and a good reason to buy another game. So freedom is on my mind.Ability to run around the battlefield, jump over cover and jump to the other side, dashing [into] Others can be flipped and taken out and thrown out of bounds, or possibly against other heroes. For example, you can flip and throw bombs on another group of heroes, so yes, it’s an enemy that can hurt you, but you can turn things around to your advantage, flip this guy and use it as a weapon.

“It’s just in the move phase. Then you have the attack phase, tech and bags full of items that you can buy on the go. So there’s a lot of elements, but all of those elements can be quickly — super quick — assessed in the combat system, but Not like what we do in Kingdom Wars by going through the different slots. You can quickly assess everything and move your character with a simple button. So dynamic and the speed of the battle system the player now has, is another The layers, unparalleled. To support this, we also created various types of enemies. Before they were always moving, attacking and using technology. Now we have different types of enemies. So I believe we are better at coming up with the combat system Different types of interactions and different ingredients for having fun in battle.

At the center of the story and gameplay is the spark – Super Mario Galaxy’s Lumas crossover with the Rabbids. These creatures have been kidnapped by the villain Cursa for unknown but certainly evil reasons, and when you rescue them, you’ll gain new ability kits and customization options. In the video, we see both an electric current and an ice burst with a huge reach. But Soriani says they also enhance heroes, allowing you to enhance their existing strengths or make up for their weaknesses.


“First of all, sparks are creatures that you have to save from this evil entity that threatens the entire galaxy. But once rescued, they can be used in battle, their powers can be used in battle, to help you. Those sparks can also be used with You grow together so you can make them stronger.

“And their abilities, and the fact that you can keep them however you want, is true for any hero, and that’s why it’s completely different. You can take new archetypes, and specific Sparks can help with the good traits that heroes already have. .because for example, make it stronger with Spark that increases damage output of any given hero. So if you pick someone like Mario who already has pretty good damage output, you can make it stronger. But you Another Spark could be kept instead, which might help make up for Mario’s weaknesses. Mario isn’t as tough as Bowser. So all of this combined will make each player’s playstyle shine. So Spark’s Modularity is what makes each hero more interesting than before.”

Mario + Rabbit: Kingdom Battle is a surprising addition to the Mario classic, especially since Nintendo is known for protecting its characters. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope seems poised to surprise players once again, with a greater degree of flexibility and more Mario-like mechanics. Bizarre crossover experiments keep paying off in new ways. But this time around, we’re not surprised the collaboration looks so fun and engaging.

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