PlayStation Plus and . Xbox Game Pass: Compare prices, features and games

PlayStation Plus and . Xbox Game Pass: Compare prices, features and games

PlayStation Plus and . Xbox Game Pass: Compare prices, features and games


As expected, Sony has finally officially announced its new version of PlayStation Plus, which combines PS Plus and PS Now into a single product, offering an additional, more expensive tier for those looking for additional benefits.

Now that Sony has revealed key details about its updated PS Plus (though more details are expected to come later), we’re comparing it to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass to see how the two are popular in the console space How the affiliate program matches up. Sony hasn’t officially positioned it as a Game Pass competitor, but the two services have always been compared as the primary subscription service paired with an Xbox or PlayStation console.


The new version of PlayStation Plus includes three tiers, and the price of the base category remains the same ($10 per month). The Extra and Premium categories have higher monthly, quarterly, and annual prices, and they bundle extra services and features.

PS Plus Pricing

  • Basic โ€“ $10/month, $25/quarter, or $60/year
  • Extra โ€“ $15/month/, $40/quarter, or $100/year
  • Premium โ€“ $18/month, $50/quarter or $120/year

For Xbox Game Pass, there are three main products available, including PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass Pricing

  • PC Game Pass โ€“ $10/month, $30/quarter or ~$120/year
  • Xbox Game Pass โ€“ $10/month, $30/quarter or ~$120/year
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate โ€“ $15/month, $45/quarter or ~$180/year


PS plus

People subscribe to services because of what’s available, and the real problem is what PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass offer. Starting with PS Plus, basic Plans include all the benefits of an existing PS Plus subscription, including monthly free games, discounts on games and other content, cloud storage to save games, and access to online multiplayer games.this additional Tiers include all of these, plus a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games over time. The library will include “blockbusters” from PlayStation Studios and third-party publishers.

this High quality A membership, meanwhile, has all of that, plus up to 340 other games, including PS3 games available via streaming and “favorite classics” from PlayStation, PS2, and PSP, available via cloud and download. High quality Also includes cloud streaming support for some PS4 games in supported markets where PS Now is available. In addition to these perks, the top tier of PS Now will include a limited-time trial.

A sort of luxury The PS Plus version will be available in markets that do not currently support cloud streaming, and luxury The price of the product will be lower than Premium. The exact price varies by region. Deluxe will also include original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP games for download, as well as limited-time game trials and all the other benefits of the Essential and Extra tiers.

It’s also worth noting that PS Now will no longer be available as a standalone service when the new version of PS Plus begins rolling out in June. Going forward, it will be bundled with PS Plus, and existing PS Now members will migrate to PS Plus Premium at no additional monthly cost.

Sony unveils new version of PlayStation Plus

Xbox Game Pass

One of the biggest benefits of Xbox Game Pass โ€” and one of the most notable differences between PS Plus โ€” is that all first-party games (and some third-party games) come to Game Pass on day one.

In addition to the new releases on day one, Game Pass members on consoles and PC can also access a growing library of games, with new titles coming out every month. With Microsoft’s recent takeover of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s games are also in the catalog, which will also include big new releases this year, Starfield and later The Elder Scrolls VI. When Microsoft’s blockbuster deal to acquire Activision Blizzard closes as expected, expect at least some of Activision’s games to join the lineup soon.

Game Pass members also get discounts on games and content, as well as monthly perks like Halo Infinite bonuses. Plus, Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members get automatic access to EA Play, EA’s own subscription service that includes major (post-catalogue) games from the Star Wars, Battlefield, and Mass Effect franchises . Game Pass Ultimate, the most expensive Game Pass tier, also includes Xbox Live Gold (required for online play and provides monthly access to its own library of free Gold Games) as well as from the cloud.


Content is king, and both PS Plus and Game Pass offer subscribers a wealth of games. Over time, users who subscribe to PS Plus Premium will have access to over 700 games, including games from basically all eras of the PlayStation, dating back to the original PlayStation. However, these classic era PlayStation games have yet to be announced, but Sony has promised more details. The full list of newer PS Plus games has yet to be confirmed, but Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and The Return will be released in June, with more to come over time. That’s in addition to the hundreds of games available through the PlayStation Now streaming service, not to mention the free games that PS Plus subscribers get every month.

On Xbox, Game Pass’s library is already jam-packed with over 100 games – check out the full library here. However, this is not an infinitely expanding catalog, as some games will cycle in and out. Game Pass Ultimate members also get a new wave of freebies every month through Games With Gold, as well as a massive catalog of backwards compatible games from OG Xbox and Xbox 360 Days at no additional cost.

Posted on day one

One of the most obvious differences between PS Plus and Game Pass comes from day one launch. The biggest selling point for Xbox Game Pass is how Microsoft’s own games and some third-party titles can be rolled out directly to Game Pass on day one without paying extra to members. In 2021, this includes high-profile blockbusters like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, among others. In 2022, all Xbox players will get Bethesda’s new masterpiece Starfield, as well as MLB The Show 22 and Sniper Elite 5, among others.

Sony’s strategy is markedly different. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said that if Sony takes this approach, the “virtuous circle” of investments leading to commercial returns could be seriously derailed. If Sony goes this route, game quality could suffer, Ryan said.

“[In terms of] Publishing our own games to this service or any of our services…as we all know, that’s not the path we used to go,” Ryan said. “And it’s not a path we’re going to continue with this new service. We felt that if we did that with the games we make at PlayStation Studios, that virtuous cycle would be broken. The level of investment we need to make in the studio is impossible, and we don’t think the ripple effect on the quality of the games we make will be what gamers want. “

“We feel like we’re in a good virtuous circle with the studio,” Ryan added. โ€œWhere investment leads to success, it leads to more investment, which leads to more success. We love this cycle, and we think our players love that cycle.โ€

Ryan went on to say that Sony isn’t strictly committed to this. It can turn around and change positions at any time depending on market trends and other factors.

“The world is changing so fast right now that nothing lasts forever,” he said. “So I don’t want to be static at this stage. What I’m talking about today is just the approach we’re taking in the short term. The way our publishing model works right now, it’s not going to make a difference.” Makes sense. But as we all know, things change quickly in this industry. “

Stay tuned for more information on PS Plus and Game Pass in the days and weeks ahead.

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