Quarry: Ultimate Girl Achievement and Trophy Guide

Quarry: Ultimate Girl Achievement and Trophy Guide


Like the horror movie that inspired it, one of the possible endings in “The Quarry” is to have a single female consultant through the night. Achieving this ending will bring you the final girl achievement/trophy and one of the many possible endings of the game. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make this unique advisor complete the game. You can also check out GameSpot’s guide for the Last Man Standing achievement/trophy. Spoilers ahead.

The last girl is Caitlin, played by Brenda Song. To get this achievement, you need to keep her alive all night and make sure all other advisors/playable characters die. It doesn’t matter if a Hackett family member dies, although a couple will try to keep Caitlin alive. It’s important to note that the guide below gives you the information to keep Caitlin alive as well as the chance to kill others. If you fail or make bad choices for some QTEs as other characters, they may die sooner, but as long as Caitlyn is alive that’s fine.

Chapter 1

While Abigail and Emma are in the cabin looking for their luggage, you need to choose to break into the cabin. As Abigail, check the left side of the hut for a stuffed animal that makes a sound. Keep the plush toy. This is required to keep Caitlin alive at the end of the game.

Chapter 4

At the beginning of Chapter 4, Ryan and the others will gather around a campfire and hear noises from nearby bushes.As Ryan you need to choose shoot the gun, hold on, shoot the gun. As long as you choose to shoot the bush twice, it will kill Jacob.

You will play Emma later on the island. After exploring a bit, you’ll enter the treehouse and have the option to search for the bag or open the trapdoor. Open the trapdoor Emma will be killed instantly.

Chapter 5

After Caitlin meets Bobby in the cabin – the big hunter – you’ll play Abigail. Here you need to make a specific set of choices to set the ending.This set of choices is Confident, curious, hidden, and Hold your breath successfully. This collection of choices means Abigail will be leaving her bag in the kitchen with the Chapter 1 stuffed toy.

Also in this chapter, we need to do some preparations in order to kill Dylan later.After Dylan was bitten in the Radio Shack, you need to choose desperate and chainsaw. This resulted in Dylan not being infected, which resulted in his death in Chapter 9.

Chapter 6

Inside the pool house, you will be able to explore. Once you talk to Nick, it will start the next cutscene. The first two options don’t matter, but when you get a chance to shoot Nick, don’t shoot nick. This resulted in Nick turning into a monster and ripping off Abigail’s head, ending her life.

Chapter VII

No one dies in this chapter, but you need to do some prep work in order to kill some counselors later. After a bunch of cutscenes, Laura will have the opportunity to roam freely throughout the police station. don’t explore, go straight to bed. If you go exploring, Don’t take the syringe from the locker on the stairs.

After falling asleep, Laura would feign pain the next day to lure Travis into her cell. During this sequence, you need to perform two QTEs to grab his gun and dodge him.After that, select harsh and filming travis. This will anger Travis, who will survive the incident, causing him to kill Laura and Ryan later.

Chapter 8

Ryan and Laura end up in a red light tunnel after going through the cave. Laura will eventually aim her gun at the caged monster. don’t stop her. That monster is Nick and this will kill him.

Chapter 9

Playing as Dylan in the junkyard, you will eventually be able to operate the big yellow crane.Here you need to choose Warning Caitlin and Sound the horn. After that the monster will attack Dylan and have a QTE. Failed QTEwhich causes Dylan to die here, and Caitlin will survive to return to the cabin.

Laura and Ryan will find a monster Chris in the attic of Hackett’s house. Approaching him, he broke free and they both fell off the floor. Ryan will pick up a shotgun and be able to shoot monsters. shoot the monster. This is necessary to play Max later and kill him.

After shooting the monster, if you shoot Lara in the prison, Travis will automatically kill Lara.Travis will attack Ryan, choose Provocation Then lost the QTE in the fight. The QTE failure resulted in Travis shooting Ryan in the face. Or, if you pulled out the knife earlier as Ryan and denied Laura’s infection, Ryan would bleed and die here.

Chapter 10

If you kill the monster Chris, you will start as Max on the island. After some exploration, you can head to the marina and have the option of swimming or staying put. swim past. Once Max is ashore, he will be killed instantly.

Now you will play as Caitlin, the only surviving advisor. You’ll need to perform a specific set of tasks here to keep her alive at the end of the game. After approaching the portrait on the second floor walkway, the sequence will begin.the order is Run, Beam, Button Smash, Run, Hide. After choosing to hide, Caitlin will enter the kitchen. Grab the teddy bear and throw it in the fridge. Monsters will follow it and you keep them in the fridge. Kaitlyn will make it through the night and you’ll earn the Final Girl achievement/trophy. receive a commission from retail offers.

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