Rhythm game Arcaea's main story ends in July

Rhythm game Arcaea’s main story ends in July

The main story of the Japanese arcade-style mobile rhythm game Arcaea will end on July 7th. Developed by London-based studio Iowiro Limited, Arcaea’s fifth and final main story pack, called Final Verdict, costs $5.

The pack will contain over four songs and a new lesson mode. A challenging feature, the new mode sets four songs back to back. Ahead of Final Verdict’s release, Iowiro Limited will be offering past story packs in a discounted bundle. If you already own some of the previous bundles, the price of the bundle will be scaled proportionally. For all past four packs, the bundle will cost $20.

Arcaea’s last story pack update arrives in 2020, and the game has been receiving paid packs over the years since its 2017 release. The main story revolves around two characters: Hikari and Tairitsu. Arcaea is a hard rhythm game with an interesting “air note” component and a complex, initially incomprehensible story.

The release of the final main story chapter doesn’t mean Arcaea is closing. So far, Iowiro has only confirmed the conclusion of the main story, but that doesn’t mean the game will disappear or that there will be no future updates. receive a commission from retail offers.

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