Rocket League Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Birthday Ball

Rocket League Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Birthday Ball


To celebrate its seventh anniversary, Rocket League will be hosting a special in-game event to celebrate the occasion – no reply required. Rocket League’s Birthday Ball event brings a host of new features, including new challenges, limited-time modes, and free rewards — including a very special one that players haven’t gotten in previous events.

The game’s official anniversary isn’t until July 7, but Rocket League developer Psyonix will kick off the festivities earlier on July 6. Read on to learn more about all the gifts you can look forward to opening during your birthday ball event.

new LTM

Two limited-time modes will be available during the Birthday Ball event. The first is a new version of Heat Seeker, which will play as a two-person team instead of the standard three-person team. Chaos LTM will run from July 6th to 13th.

Knockout mode is also returning, allowing players to face off in a free-for-eight melee where only the strongest survive. In this mode, the driver can block, attack and grab other vehicles while the vehicle is engaged in combat. Getting knocked down 3 times will get you out, but it’s not just other players that you need to be aware of – environmental hazards such as spikes and lasers can appear on the playing field, and contact with them can cause instant K​​​O.

new store merchandise

During the Birthday Ball event, the following items will be in rotation in the Rocket League Item Shop:

  • Fennec car (titanium white)
  • Fancy Formal Decal (Fennec)
  • Anniversary Edition Spyder Wheels
  • Anniversary Edition Top Hat

Rocket League Anniversary Edition Top Hat

New Challenges and Special Rewards

The Birthday Ball event also includes event challenges with different rewards. For the first time in Rocket League history, players will earn up to 300 points for completing event challenges. Points can be used to purchase premium items from the Item Shop.

In addition to silver coins, players who complete event challenges can also get the following rewards:

  • Golden Goat Player Title
  • precious metal avatar border
  • Golden Egg, the blueprint for unlocking Champion Series 1 to 4

Rocket League’s Birthday Ball ends on July 19, so players will have plenty of time to complete challenges and collect the event’s free loot. See Psyonix’s Birthday Ball blog post for more details on the event, but if you’re already eager to open some free loot, connect your Epic Games account to your Rocket League account to redeem Rocket League vs Fall Guys Some color cosmetics of the cooperation.

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