The horse pattern among us is real and exists only for today

The horse pattern among us is real and exists only for today


After last year’s April Fool’s joke, the developer Among Us, Innersloth, has fulfilled its threat to turn the horse mode joke into an actual part of its popular game.

“This April Fool’s Day, we no longer have to ask ‘what if’ now we can say: ‘Haha wait oh don’t stop.’ Horse mode among us is now live,” the studio said in an update. Horse Mode will only be live until 5pm PT/8pm ET, after which the free download will be removed from the game. If you’re using the latest version of Among Us, you can try it now.

Innersloth notes that there may be some “shabby” visuals, but the rest of the mod includes many other good horses. Among Us, the crew and imposters will take on cursed quadruped form, the imposters have gotten a new kill animation that’s been described as anachronistic, and the horse pals can only wear hats and visors in this update.

The best part is that a new “hiss” kill sound has been added to the game, and the audio clip provided by Innersloth’s resident programmer Gary and Super Daryl Deluxe designer is just a placeholder until a real horse The sound could be found and used, and the studio realized that the first version was much better. Well done, Gary.

After the first day of April, Among Us will also have some games coming later this year. Halo’s Master Chief joins Ratchet and Clank as downloadable character skins, and The Crew Among Us will join developer Owlchemy Labs’ upcoming VR game Cosmonious High, which is also in development. receive a commission from retail offers.

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