Tips for Cat Cafe Managers for Beginners

Tips for Cat Cafe Managers for Beginners

Tips for Cat Cafe Managers for Beginners


Cat Cafe Manager is the kind of game you can probably just read the name to know if it’s something you like. is a cat. This is a cafe. You manage them. For some, such a setup is as wonderful as the scent of morning espresso.Still, the game throws a lot of Information is given to you right away, and controls don’t always make sense as they should. This means you may soon find yourself drowning in cat litter and coffee grounds. But with our tips guide, you can turn your humble cafe into a panini and pet juggernaut. Here are some basic tips for Cat Cafe Manager.

Invest in chair slots first

Once you open the cafe, you’ll have access to the Shrine, a physical representation of your skill tree where you can work on items that unlock new menu items, cat toys, and more. But the most important unlockable item in the temple is the number of chair slots you have. More chair slots means being able to accommodate more customers, which can increase revenue exponentially. Think of it like investing in a better XP gain early in an RPG; the sooner you do it, the more reward you’ll get. This should be the first project you put your time into.

Invest in employees second

Invest in being able to hire staff after you’ve completed your first chair slot item, but before you go on to unlock more. It’s important to do this next instead of getting more chair positions, because once your place gets really busy, you’ll need help managing the influx of customers. More chairs without any coworkers means you’ll be in the weeds all day. Hire the right person by checking the town center’s board.

The town center is the center of everything and allows your business to thrive.

Constantly working towards new unlocks

After you’ve completed these two very important projects, the rest is up to you, and with less impact. The only important thing to note here is to make sure you always, always, always work towards one goal or the other. As long as a project is active, the hearts you earn—hearts accrued based on customer satisfaction—will be used to complete it. Having an active project means those hearts will directly contribute to completing the project and unlocking new decorations, more cat troughs, and other goods and services that will make you the cat cafe tycoon you aspire to be.

Tailor your ad to your needs

One of the most confusing parts of Cat Cafe Manager is the user interface and all its different currencies, and you’ll be greeted right away. This system is actually pretty cute once you get the hang of it. Here’s what to know: each “category” of customers pays in a different currency (on top of the universal heart they issue). When you run ads, you need to focus your ads on those who pay in the currency you want.

Advertisements seem to almost guarantee the type of people who visit your cafe, so putting the flyer in front of the right face is the key to getting more of what you need and not what you don’t. For a quick overview of who pays what and what it’s for, use the list below.

currency customer type spend on
hearts all Shrine Project
fabric (green) tramp chairs and tables
Nectar (purple) witch Recipes and Ingredients
jewelry (red) artist furniture
fish (blue) fishermen Cat Food and Cat Toys
gold (gold) businessman Special items (rare furniture, rare cat toys, etc.)
material (brown) punk building materials

If you’re loaded with materials and gold, but short on nectar and fabrics, shift your ad from punks and merchants to hobos and witches within a few working hours (if not days). Be sure to periodically repurpose your ad to suit your needs. Sometimes, I forget to adjust and suddenly find that I used to have abundant supplies.

Train your staff and cats to meet different needs

As you hire staff and bring in more stray cats, you’ll unlock skill points for each of them. For employees, these can be used to improve their skills such as cooking, cleaning and serving. At the same time, cats can improve their bathroom habits, independence, and even compatibility with certain customer categories. With this in mind, set a long-term goal for your cafe and tailor it for your staff and kittens to achieve that goal. Want the best food in town for the less fortunate in town? Make sure the staff is skilled in the kitchen and your cat likes to cuddle up next to an incoming homeless man.

Whatever your plans, also make sure to actually check these skill points. They’re growing fast, but games don’t really get much attention to them. You’ll want to look at the number of stars in the upper left corner of the screen, and when you have cat skill points or staff skill points to use, do so as soon as possible to make your cafe even better.

ready to say goodbye

One of the hard lessons of Cat Cafe Manager is that your tavern is only a temporary home for your cat. As you upgrade them, eventually you should find their “forever home”. To do this, you check the board—again one with potential employees written on—and look for flyers left by citizens who want to adopt cats.

Farewells are tough, and you may develop an attachment to your cat, but there’s no shortage of them, and knowing they’ll be well cared for is a sweet consolation prize. On the plus side, if you really want to gamify it, the higher the rank of the cat you adopt, the more rewards you’ll get from the adoptive family. With that in mind, it’s wise to pair your brightest cat with the right household, as it can help you keep the rewards flowing – and in turn, get new cats to meow outside the cafe.

Call your regulars every day

Any small town cafe worth a tip jar will have regulars, frequent customers, and maybe even order the same thing every day. In Cat Cafe Manager, you have six regulars, each representing a different customer type. Every morning, you can call a regular customer and invite them to the coffee shop. They will always say yes, so you should decide who you call based on your level of friendship with each of them. Certain rewards in the temple require a certain number of regulars at a set level. This means you want everyone to take turns participating. Yes, even for Mateo, the town was sold out of cash.

Regular customers are the key to running a successful cat cafe.


You can also invite the same person several days in a row, keep that in mind when trying to reach a certain level with any client type. These regulars speak for their courses in a way, so improving things with them will actually improve your standing with clients like them as well.

Customize your menu based on your availability

Sometimes you don’t want to offer everything on the menu. Maybe you just finished your herbs, or prefer to keep your cafe dairy-free. You can always customize what you offer, uh, menu menu –I think that’s what you’re talking about. However, it’s important to pay attention to what each customer type orders, because if you only advertise to certain customers and don’t have their favorites on the menu, they won’t be satisfied. Thankfully, that information is clearly displayed when customizing menu options.

Keep the cafe theme in mind

A reasonable end goal is to design a decorative theme for your cafe. The early look of your cafe will be pretty cluttered with a jumble of bar stools, funky countertops, and attractive cutting boards, but over time you’ll unlock enough space to focus on a single style. You can even reinvent yourself over time, swapping out one theme for another. Themes are important because both clients and employees like certain environments. If the staff you hire at a magic-themed cafe do better work, be sure to dress up the bistro with cauldrons and pointed hats. It’s not something you can even do for a while, because first you need to unlock all the various options. But once you do, you can really elevate the beauty of your small business. receive a commission from retail offers.

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