Today's Wordle Answers (#297) - April 14, 2022

Today’s Wordle Answers (#297) – April 14, 2022

Today’s Wordle Answers (#297) – April 14, 2022


Can you take a look, it’s April 14th and we’re all back to tackle another Wordle. Today’s answer is trickier because it’s not a word that anyone really says out loud. But hey, that’s why you all asked me to help you, isn’t it?

Before I give you the answer directly to Wordle today, did you give it a try? Sometimes when you’re playing, you might get most of a word and have to try several different combinations to get to the final answer. My advice? Use the most obvious word you can think of. As tricky as Wordle is, it’s usually drawn from a dictionary of very common words. Even if you’re wrong, like my second guess, eliminating the most obvious letters can point you to the least likely solution. This is how I got today’s words in three guesses.

If you need more tips on how to smash Wordle, we definitely have some for you, including the best openers. If you don’t necessarily want to play Wordle, but want something related, there have been a million and one spin-offs since the game’s soaring popularity, like the Fortnite-based word guessing game Fortle!

Wordle Answers Today – April 14

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been thinking about the ways Wordle’s answer today can relate to video games, and it’s barely suggesting anything. It’s a very specific word, deployed in a very specific way. You can scroll right to the bottom for the answer if you want, but why not work your way through these game-related tips?

  • Tip 1: Today’s Wordle answer is part of a saying, which means that someone may be speaking too forcefully or bluntly. Think of your favorite big mouth or outspoken character. How would you describe the way they speak?

  • Tip 2: Remember the rough butcher from Dark Souls? Well, when they’re not cutting you, they’re probably cutting some meat. What is another word for this process?

If you’re still looking for your answer today, it’s here. April 14 Wordle’s answer is… chopped. Weird, right? An outspoken character might not skimp on their word, and the butcher will definitely skimp on me once or twice. Terrible stuff, really. Come back tomorrow, because we’ll have another round of Wordle prompts – and the most important answers – waiting for you. receive a commission from retail offers.

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