Today's Wordle Answers (#304) - April 19, 2022

Today’s Wordle Answers (#304) – April 19, 2022

Today’s Wordle Answers (#304) – April 19, 2022


Time to stand up and study another Wordle. Today is April 19th and the puzzle for this day is very good. It’s neither the most predictable word, nor the impossible word to guess. If I can get it, you can get it too, luckily I’m here to make sure you all can!

Have you tried Wordle today? I really like it. It’s a word with a familiar ending and an unfamiliar beginning, which makes finding answers a lot more fun. Some people really like to guess the word in two or three shots, and they should, because it’s impressive, but pegs like today’s puzzles are also a welcome sight from time to time.

If you like a few tips and tricks for tackling these everyday Wordle games yourself, we’ve got everything you need to keep this streak going forever.

Wordle Answers Today – April 19, 2022

If you want today’s answer, feel free to scroll these tips to the bottom where you can find it. If you want to give today’s puzzle a shot, why not take out our tips and these tips and try them out honestly?

  • Tip 1: Today’s Wordle answer is the name of the place where you fought Donna Benevento and her evil doll Angie at last year’s Resident Evil Village! Tip of the tip: It’s near the front of the house.

  • Tip 2: The word and “hall” are interchangeable, but not online. If you’ve ever used that word for a multiplayer lobby, your team will definitely think you’re weird, and they’re right.

You’ve already done this, so don’t worry, the answer you’ve been waiting for is here. Today’s Wordle answer is… foyer. After you’ve cleared the most terrifying parts of Beneviento’s basement Resident Evil Village, you’ll re-emerge in the foyer for the final (and bizarre) boss fight that concludes the chapter. Also please don’t call it a multiplayer lobby, I want you all to thrive in the online space, and doing so would be the exact opposite. Check back here tomorrow for another round of Wordle tips! receive a commission from retail offers.

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