What is the Autobots symbol?

What is the Autobots symbol?

The original Autobot and Decepticon insignia were seemingly based on toys from the first year of the original Transformers toyline; the Autobot symbol is a heavily stylized and simplified version of the face of Prowl, while the Decepticon insignia is drawn from that of Soundwave.

Thereof Was Optimus Prime a Decepticon? In almost every version of the mythos, Optimus is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of Transformers who are rivals of the Decepticons, another faction. He is defined by his strong moral character and is almost always portrayed as the primary hero of the story, opposing the evil Decepticon leader Megatron.

What do the transformers symbols mean? In the world of Marvel Comics, the distinctive red mask is often referred to as the “Autobrand.” According to the official legend, the Autobot symbol was created with reference to the face of the Last Autobot, the guardian that Primus prepared, against the day that he wouldn’t be able to rein his own army.

Regarding this Who is the last Autobot? The only remaining Transformer was Optimus Prime, whose soul was in the body of Hi-Q. Prime traveled, along with the Neo-Knights, into the depths of Cybertron where he discovered the Last Autobot.

Who are the 40 Autobots?

  • Optimus Prime.
  • B-127/Bumblebee.
  • Cliffjumper (Offline)
  • Ratchet.
  • Ironhide.
  • Brawn.
  • Wheeljack.
  • Arcee.

Also Know Who is Alpha Trion? Alpha Trion is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. … Though not taking part in the battles of the Great War, he is firmly on the side of the Autobots, serving as a mentor and guide, especially to Optimus Prime and Elita One.

Who is Optimus Prime wife? Optimus prime with his wife elita when they found out they are going to have a child | Transformers artwork, Optimus prime, Transformers cybertron.

identically Is Primus an Autobot? Primus is the “benevolent” godlike entity in the fictional Transformers comic universe who fought against the Chaos-Bringer Unicron.

Primus (Transformers)

Primus as depicted in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide’
Function Lord of Light and Order

What do Autobots say?

1 “Autobots, Transform And Roll Out!”

When it comes to catchphrases that are not only instantly identifiable with a character but can also rouse an audience into a fit of excitement, they don’t come better than Optimus Prime’s iconic cry of “Autobots.

Also What Colour is the Decepticon logo? Each faction in the fictional universe has its emblem, and different subgroups and even individual characters may have different symbols. As for the Decepticons, who are a subrace of Cybertronian, they use the purple mask insignia.

What are decepticon colors?

Additionally- the Autobot and Decepticons were strongly associated with the colors blue and red, which led to the Autobot symbol appearing in blue in multiple media.

Who is Alpha Trion in Transformers? Alpha Trion is one of the oldest living Transformers, and with that age comes a nuanced understanding of his race and their place within the universe. In his youth, he went by the name A-3, and in this time, he helped lead the enslaved Cybertronians in their rebellion against their cruel masters, the Quintessons.

What Autobots were on the ark?

The crew of the Ark consisted of:

  • Optimus Prime.
  • Autobot Cars. Bluestreak. Hound. Ironhide. Jazz. Mirage. Prowl. Ratchet. Sideswipe. Sunstreaker. Trailbreaker. Wheeljack.
  • Autobot Mini Vehicles. Brawn. Bumblebee. Cliffjumper. Gears. Huffer. Windcharger.
  • Dinobots. Grimlock. Slag. Sludge. Snarl. Swoop.

as a matter of fact Where was Omega Supreme in Transformers movie?

The Titan-sized Autobot known as Omega Supreme is in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Supreme is actually The Ark, the Autobot spaceship seen crash-landed on the moon in the Transformers 3 teaser trailer.

Is Cybertron real? Cybertron may refer to: A fictional planet, the homeworld of the Transformers and the planet form of their creator Primus.

Why is Megatron a Autobot? In the face of enduring a shocking betrayal from a trusted Decepticon and barely surviving a grave injury in the process, Megatron began evaluating his actions and motives. After Shockwave killed Bumblebee, Megatron surprised everyone by taking the fallen Transformer’s insignia and proclaiming himself an Autobot.

Who Killed Alpha Trion?

Megatron finally yells out a frustrated growl and a massive blast emits from his arm cannon, twenty times the force that fell Optimus Prime surges into Alpha Trion.

Who made Alpha Trion? History. A singular entity within the multiverse, Alpha Trion is one of the Original Thirteen Transformers, created by Primus, to combat the threat posed by his eternal foe, the Chaos-Bringer, Unicron. He is an old and wise Autobot.

Who is Optimus Prime mother?

June Darby – Transformers Wiki.

Is Elita a prime? Power of the Primes

Elita-1 includes Prime Armor that can hold a Prime Master (and by extension, a Titan Master, Enigma, or Matrix core) or turn into feet for her combined mode.

Is Alita 1 dead?

Upon finding Sam and Mikaela, Decepticons attack and Chromia is seen taking cover while Arcee got shot but is seen getting up on her left side and Elita One was killed by the Decepticon’s.

Is Megatron a prime? Now that we know what Prime is, we can easily see that Megatron is not a Prime and why he is not one. The original 13 Primes were, initially, imbued with the Prime powers in their CNA, but now the title is given to those carrying the Matrix of Leadership.

Is Optimus Primal Optimus Prime?

Optimus Primal is extraordinary for not only being able to distinguish himself, despite living in the shadow of Optimus Prime, but he may even have surpassed the greatest of the Autobots, seeing as he saved the life of his namesake and ushered in a new technorganic Cybertron.

Who is stronger Primus vs Unicron? Unfortunately, Unicron was stronger than his brother Primus. In order to gain the upper hand, Primus created the 13 original primes, led by Prima. Primus and Unicron share a bond where they constantly detect the whereabouts of each other.

Who is stronger Megatron or Starscream?

On paper, Megatron is much more stronger that Starscream. In fact, there are a lot of brutal Decepticons who are also stronger that Starscream. Starscream is not “powerful” physically, but he is probably the most threatening Decepticon.

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