Wordle Answers Today (#368) - June 22, 2022

Wordle Answers Today (#368) – June 22, 2022

Wordle Answers Today (#368) – June 22, 2022

Another glorious day for us, getting together to tackle a Wordle. Today is June 22, and our answer is one that everyone should be familiar with. The word gets thrown around a lot, especially in gaming, so I hope everyone gives it full marks. I’ll admit, though, that when I tried Wordle myself today, it wasn’t necessarily the first word that came to my mind and made me guess a few sentences. Hope you’re all smarter than me, I’m pretty sure about that.

Have you tried Wordle today? Today’s answer is a mean word. Even though we all know the word, putting it together from scratch is absolutely terrifying. Its combination of vowels and a handful of consonants is a little incongruous, which makes it a bit of a wild card to assemble. Luckily for all of you, though, we’ve put together a list of the best starter words along with some general tips to help you start Wordle today in the right light.

Wordle Answers Today – June 22, 2022

As you probably know by now, the answer awaits you at the bottom, but before that, I’ve prepared some tips in case you want to tackle Wordle today entirely for yourself. This time, we’re doing a game-related prompt and a normal one.

  • Tip 1: Some people tend to comically misinterpret any review below a 7 (often considered “good”) as Wordle today, which is an exaggeration in itself. The truth is that a game that might have come in as a 1 or a 2 might actually be the answer today, but very few people actually do, so we never really use the word in that capacity.
  • Tip 2: Just as the word “good” is followed by “great” or “amazing,” the word “bad” is followed by “terrible” or today’s answer.

Did you get Wordle today? Don’t worry, I got your answer here. Today’s Wordle is… abysmal. Do you understand what I mean by horrible vowel pairings? It was horrible. But it’s not as bad as gamers think every game is if it scores a 6 or lower in reviews. At GameSpot, we don’t even use the term to denote any scores. Like I said at the top, it’s a dirty word. That’s all for today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for more Wordle tips! receive a commission from retail offers.

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