A new single-player Gwent game is in the works

A new single-player Gwent game is in the works

A new single-player Gwent game is in the works

CD Projekt Red is working on a new Gwent game that will be released sometime this year.

Currently codenamed Project Golden Nekker will be a single-player standalone version of the beloved card game (thanks IGN). We already have one of these in the form of The Witcher: Thronebreaker, but Paweł Burza, head of communications at Gwent, claims there won’t be too many similarities between the two.

“It’s not another wizarding story, it’s something different,” he said. “Our goal is to provide an engaging single-player experience for players who enjoy multiplayer Gwent.” Burza didn’t exactly say how This new game will be different from Thronebreaker, but it looks like it will be another story-driven endeavor.

Project Golden Nekker was briefly mentioned in the December 2021 Gwent roadmap stream, with some concept art snippets shown. A new barbarian card announced today only has a new art point. Beyond that, things are still very vague. CDPR says they have nothing else to share with me right now, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for the team to be ready to show us more.

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