New World aims to improve its endgame with 'mutants'

Amazon Gaming boss Michael Frazzini resigns

Amazon Gaming boss Michael Frazzini resigns

Amazon Gaming chief Michael Frazzini has resigned from the position and is leaving the company after 18 years (via Bloomberg). Frazzini posted on LinkedIn that he had long hoped to take a mid-career break as a motivation for his decision.

Frazzini wrote: “While there’s never really a perfect time to get rid of a great character, now is a good time. Over the past six months, we’ve put out two top 10 games, and we’ve got more and more What a promising new game. The game is in the pipeline.”

Frazzini was Amazon’s director of author services before being named to run the company’s burgeoning video game division in 2009. Output from this segment was surprisingly low, with a slew of mobile games and a Twitch expansion released through 2018.

Amazon Games has seen a number of high-profile cancellations in recent years, including the shutdown of its planned Lord of the Rings MMO, and the debacle surrounding the multiplayer hero shooter Crucible, which shut down quickly after launch.

AGS’ success with New World last year was a welcome change, but even New World has struggled and has been in a bit of a slump after a successful launch.

The company has had more definite success as the publisher of the South Korean MMO Lost Ark, a hit in Europe and North and South America. Unlike New World, Lost Ark isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s unclear what impact Frazzini’s departure will have on Amazon Game Studios’ future projects or broader culture. A former senior developer at Crucible blamed the game’s failure on top-level decisions, but Amazon Game Studios’ relative success with New World may indicate that positive change has taken place.

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