Aorus gets into peripheral gaming with an MMO mouse

Aorus gets into peripheral gaming with an MMO mouse

Aorus gets into peripheral gaming with an MMO mouse


Gigabyte’s new gaming offshoot, Aorus, is breaking out of ultra-thin gaming laptops and getting into peripherals. First up is the Thunder M7, an MMO/MOBA mouse with a cute embossed display case and more buttons than fingers.

Aorus is keen to point out that the Thunder M7 is a gaming mouse “without an insanely large number of buttons or dial hotkeys,” but the Thunder M7 does have more chunky buttons around your thumb than either number can possibly handle. I got my hands on a mouse recently, and while this surprisingly stout rodent is actually comfortable to hold, that array of extra buttons feels too cramped to be used effectively in the heat of battle. They feel more of a hindrance than a help.

However, the rest of the design looks fairly robust, and I really like the peek-a-boo top and side panels, although the front “eyes” look a little too much.

As far as the rest of the specs go, the Thunder M7 is neck-and-neck with today’s high-end laser mice, and I mean it’s equipped with the now-standard sensor up to 8,200dpi. I think it’s going to be the same Pixart/Avago ADNS-9800 we’ve seen in a whole bunch of laser mice last year or so.

In addition to the Thunder M7, I also use the huge Aorus Thunder P3 gaming mouse pad. Although I think “pad” got lost somewhere in the translation and got confused with “duvet”. In winter, I can see myself sitting at my desk with a piece of coal in the fireplace, Thunder P3 wrapped around my shoulders to keep out the cold.

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