Apex Legends says hello to a bigger Olympus and a better Crypto

Apex Legends says hello to a bigger Olympus and a better Crypto

Apex Legends says hello to a bigger Olympus and a better Crypto


We’re a week away from the new season of Apex Legends. While it’s too early to get a brand new map like last season’s Storm Point, there are still new places to explore in Apex’s highest arena.

During last night’s dev panel, Respawn broke down some of the map and balance changes for Apex in Season 12: Defiance. Best of all, the original flying city and personal favorite Olympus is back — and bigger than ever.

While Olympus has long been a fairly balanced map, next season’s changes are aimed at diverting attention away from Hammond Labs and the meat grinder around the Falls. The area around the Bonsai Tower has been expanded with broken, “moving” hillsides and two new points of interest. The first is Terminal, which replaces the tight choke between Labs and Bonsai, with a layered interior section set in Olympus’ giant phase runner, but it’s the second that will attract the most attention .

The terminal turns what was once a small crossroads into a fully functional skirmish point. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

As seen in the launch trailer, Phase Driver is a massive teleportation plaza that adds a dense arena to the previously empty space between Bonsai and the Hydrophonics. As a portal, the Phase Driver motion terminal can be used to summon loot balls from thin air. These have a 30 second cooldown and will act as a racket, so make sure the shore is clean before pulling supplies from the Aether.

Staged terrain fragments are scattered across the southern part of the map, but luckily that’s how devastated Mount Olympus is. This is an additive map change, not a destructive one, expanding the map without breaking it. After what happened on the edge of the world, it was very popular.

the voice of the hacker, he was

Respawn also detailed some of the balance changes that Defiance brings, the biggest of which being a long overdue buff for everyone’s favorite hacker. Crypto has been maligned for a while, having to stand still in his drone to use his abilities. By staying tactical, Crypto can now throw his drone for information without settling down.If he decides to fly his drone directly, the UI will now give him more data on his own health, team and game status, making sure you don’t sacrifice information when scouting

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

It’s a small change, in line with Wattson’s last season, but has the potential to bring more versatility to Crypto.

Caustic has also seen a slight nerf in letting players destroy his traps while they are active. In terms of weapons, alternators and volts are swapped for care packs and floor loot, respectively. Flatline and Longbow also had the honor of being the first guns to be placed in replicators all season, no longer in floor loot form.

Hammerpoint Rounds are also back, now giving extra damage to the RE-45, while Shatter Caps no longer have to switch – instead they fire shotgun rounds when hip firing and traditional single rounds when ADSing. There’s also a new Kinetic Feeder added to Peacekeeper and Triple Take that slowly reloads these weapons as you slide your ass across the map.

Finally, welcome news for all of you tired of falling debris, Season 12 will be removing World’s Edge to focus on Kings Canyon, Mount Olympus, and Storm Point (no ranking splits available The details of).

Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance kicks off on February 8, and we’ll have more info on the most exciting additions, new hero Mad Maggie, and 9v9 Control LTM ahead of launch.

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