Can you change class in Spellbreak?

How to Change Class in Spellbreak. Classes and gauntlets go hand in hand in Spellbreak. Unlike other games, you’re free to experiment with different elements and styles until you find one that suits your playstyle. Plus, you’re free to select a new class at the beginning of each game.

Beside this, Is conduit good Spellbreak? Conduits are great for burst damage, but their combinations are also versatile as tools to disable your enemy’s options through shock.

How do you unlock classes on Spellbreak? Each time the player enters a new safe zone they will level up, unlocking the next skill for their chosen class. Players can also unlock a skill from a different class by visiting Shrines.

In this regard, Can you swap main gauntlet Spellbreak?

How Do You Swap My Main Gauntlet Hands in Spellbreak? Swapping your main gauntlet hand is as easy as simply going into the Settings menu and going to the Gameplay tab. Scroll down and check the box for “Swap Gauntlet Slots” and then the Back button.

How many levels are in Spellbreak?

The max level for class ranks is 20, but you can reach this goal six different times as each of the classes, meaning there is a total of 120 class ranks to level up if you want to max out everything.

What is conduit in Spellbreak? The Conduit class in Spellbreak is shockingly strong. Wielding the power of lightning, the Conduit excels at rapid fire damage while being efficient with runes and mana. Here is our complete guide to playing Conduit in Spellbreak.

How do you use conduit Spellbreak?

How many gauntlets are in Spellbreak? Each of the six different gauntlets contains the magical power of the six existing elements in the game; fire, toxic, lightning, stone, frost, and wind. Each gauntlet has its strengths and weaknesses, and can truly change how the game is played.

Is there a water gauntlet in Spellbreak?

Can you get more talent points in Spellbreak? Getting Talent Points in Spellbreak

You already have seven Talent Points by default, and you can’t gain any more than that. Thus, you have to choose the Talents you want to use in battle carefully. Once you run out of Talent Points, the only way to get them back is to unequip the Talents you used them on.

How do I change my left gauntlet in Spellbreak?

You can do that by opening Settings, then going over to the Gameplay section. Once there find the Swap Gauntlet Slots and tick the box next to it, this will change the hand where your primary gauntlet is placed and you can add the secondary gauntlet to the other hand.

How do you use gauntlet? To use the Gauntlet, hit L2/LT and use the left arrow to cycle through spells.

What is the fastest way to level up in Spellbreak?

Players level up faster by placing better in matches and exiling more players. The better a player performs during a match the more experience they will gain which will allow them to level up quicker. The faster a player levels up the faster they will earn more gold.

How do you get XP in Spellbreak?

To rank up, the player must earn experience (XP) by completing matches. XP is calculated based on the number of accolades achieved during a match. All XP earned will be applied to both the player’s Mage Rank and Class Rank of their chosen Class that match, as well as converted into Reputation.

How do you level up skills in Spellbreak? The only way to increase a gauntlet’s strength is by finding a gauntlet of a higher rarity in a match. Additionally, the player’s skill level increases as a match progresses which allows the player to utilize different passive abilities. These abilities are shown on the class select screen before each match.

What is the conduit class? Conduit is a player class that is best paired with the Lightning Gauntlet. This one has scrolls which are almost entirely built around these attacks, making all but the passive ability useless without the Lightning Gauntlet. Conduit makes your Lightning attacks much more effective.

Will Spellbreak have ranked?

Leagues is Spellbreak’s ranked system for the Dominion game mode, it serves to give players a sense of mastery and progression. At the core of the system are six different Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, & Legend.

How do I get better at Spellbreak? Spellbreak: 10 Pro Tips For New Players

  1. 3 Don’t Be Afraid.
  2. 4 Know What Treasure Is The Icing On Top. …
  3. 5 Know What Treasure Really Matters. …
  4. 6 Learn About Each Area Of The Map. …
  5. 7 Learn How To Counter. …
  6. 8 Mobility Is King. …
  7. 9 Start With One Main Gauntlet. …
  8. 10 Use The Practice Island. …

What does flash freeze do Spellbreak?

Increasingly slows players inside Flash Freeze by up to 50% over 1.5 seconds before Freezing them. The edge of the zone blocks Fire / Wind / Lightning projectiles. (6 m radius) | Duration: 3 seconds.

What is sorcery Spellbreak? Sorcery. Lightning Strike. Summon a lightning strike after a delay of 0.9 seconds. Damages and applies Shock to opponents hit.

What is the best talents in Spellbreak?

The 4 strongest talents in Spellbreak

  • Focused Mana. This Mind talent is unlocked at the start of the game, and is a very strong pickup considering its low cost. …
  • Harmony. Another Mind talent on our list of best talents in Spellbreak is Harmony. …
  • Recklessness. …
  • Thirsty.

How do I unlock harmony Spellbreak?

How do you unlock scavenging Spellbreak?

Scavenging – On exiling an opponent, restore health and armor (25/30/35/50). This talent is strongest in solos, but can also work well with any hyper-aggressive playstyle. It costs 1 talent point and is unlocked at Rank 6 of Conduit.

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