Canal at Victoria 3 takes years to plan and build

Canal at Victoria 3 takes years to plan and build

Like other grand strategy games, Victoria 3 will allow players to build and control monuments. These are unique buildings, each with their own set of inputs and outputs, and they’ll also grant modifiers for the region or country they’re built from. The latest Victoria 3 Dev Diary discusses monuments, with a particular focus on the Suez and Panama Canals, which you’ll be able to plan and build over the course of the game’s timeline.

At launch, Paradox said it planned to erect 11 monuments around the world, although not all of them would be in place by the start of 1836. Several monuments still needed to be built when Victoria 3 launched, and the two major canals – the Suez and Panama Canals – had special event chains and processes associated with them to make their construction appropriately challenging.

Naturally, you will want to control a canal. The Suez is a shortcut between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean without having to sail all the way around the African continent. The Panama Canal is another strategic asset that connects the Pacific and Atlantic, saving ships from long and dangerous voyages in South America.

To build either, you’ll first need to do a land survey – as the country that controls the territory in question, or as a big country with a recognized interest in the area, you’ll be able to do that. The investigation required a lot of bureaucracy and took about three years to complete. Of course, that’s before you get out your shovel and start digging.

The diary has sparked some discussion among Victorian fans, who are concerned that the monuments described appear to be emulating the wonders of Civilization or those in Europa Universalis IV — sometimes offering confusing bonuses to countries that have historically had nothing from Own a specific building.

Paradox’s developers say they are incorporating this feedback into the design, but stress no Compared to using the reward system in EUIV and other strategy games, owning a monument may seem foreign to them. The developers also explained that, like other buildings, monuments are very modifiable – you can even remove them from the game if you don’t like them.

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