Card game city builder Stacklands is getting DLC

Card game city builder Stacklands is getting DLC


Fans of this unique card game village builder from the Sokpop Collective can expect to see some Stacklands DLC in due course, though the developer usually focuses on quick monthly games. However, this quirky city-building game has proven popular enough to warrant a new update.

Sokpop Collective is an unusual indie game developer, as the team typically focuses on short, quick game experiences that are released monthly. Stacklands is the latest game to release with this philosophy, and as Sokpop aims to release one game per month, it’s not expected to receive any updates.

However, the game’s fun mix of card games and village builders is very important List of new trends on Steam, which, according to Sokpop, is “so popular” that the team will start rolling out “multiple updates” to add new content – seemingly for free. The developers plan to release the DLC between “mid-May and the end of June,” with each DLC adding “50 to 100 cards.”

“We’ve got some really exciting new content ideas that both change the current game and add new content on top of it,” said Stacklands designer Aran. After these updates, the game will be upgraded to version 2.0, and there may be a price increase – so if you want to buy Stacklands at its current price, it’s best to get it early.

Many people have asked if there will be new Stacklands content! This article should answer all your questions 😎

— Sokpop Collective (@sokpopco) April 14, 2022

Stacklands isn’t the only card game to receive an update either — Slay the Spire just got a massive free fan expansion.

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