Chicory: A colorful story team is researching “new things”

Chicory: A colorful story team is researching “new things”

The team behind indie darling Chicory has launched a new game: Colorful Stories, Wandersong and Celeste are coming soon-this may be a sequel to Chicory or a brand new game-to celebrate the unveiling, one of the creators of Chicory teased a strange New creatures for the upcoming game.

After Kickstarter successfully raised nearly three times the starting goal, Delightful Chicory: A Colorful Story was released in June 2021. This is an adventure game where you can play as a dog in a coloring book. Players must solve puzzles and help other characters draw and color anything in the game. It is currently rated as “absolutely positive” on Steam, and some reviews call it a “clear GOTY competitor.”

The director and main developer of Chicory is Greg Lobanov, the creator of Wandersong-reviews of this game are so positive that Steam believes users are forging them. It now appears that Lobanov has returned to the chicory team and is “researching some new things.”

Lobanov revealed on Twitter that they have a new game in development and that they “hope to share details in 2022”-which sounds like it won’t be released until at least 2023. As for what it is, it may be Chicory 2, but the weird fox-sheep-rabbit thing is too colorful, so it doesn’t make sense-it is more likely to be a brand new game. Take a look below.

It took a long time to let everyone know:

I am doing something new with the Chicory team 🙂

I can’t wait to talk more about it! ! ! ! !Hope to share details in 2022

— Greg Lobanov (@GregLobanov) January 1, 2022

In any case, the new game from the creators of Chicory and Wandersong is indeed very good news-especially when you add the developers of some of the best indie games to the mix. One worth watching in 2022.

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