Core Keeper is as purposeful as Minecraft

Core Keeper is as purposeful as Minecraft


Minecraft is about freedom. It’s about finding your own way, having fun with yourself, and building your own space in the world. In this game, you, the player, can do almost anything. It might start with hitting trees, but eventually you’ll carve your own path in a procedurally generated world, unguided and guided. This complete freedom is a pleasure for many players, but for others it leads to disinterest, and if you’re someone who likes to suggest directions, then we might have this game for you.

Threatening to break into top Steam games, Core Keeper retains many of the key components in Minecraft, such as crafting, creating your own home, and exploring, but baked into an easy-to-understand structure without having to resort to tutorials. If you’ve played survival games like Minecraft before, you’ll find that Core Keeper is the game that finally sticks around.

When you start a new Guardian of the Core save, it opens with a cutscene explaining who you’re playing as and why they found themselves underground. Now, that’s no big deal to some, but if you’re wondering what’s going on in the game, it’s a huge boon. After this, you’ll be thrown into an underground world with only a few basic items, but with another important difference: you’re surrounded by three strange devices you can interact with, each representing the main thing you have to go to Boss kill. wait and seeyou have a purpose.

These two basic features provide more guidance and context than the vast majority of crafting games. You know you’re trapped in a strange underground space, you know your main goal is to escape, and you have some advice on how to make it happen.

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It’s powerful enough that you’re never completely clueless about what to do next, but it’s not so rigid that you can’t just fumble your way around and enjoy Core Keeper at your own pace.

How did you find what you needed to upgrade your pickaxe in Minecraft in the first place? Or how to get to the end and fight the ender dragon? Countless Minecraft players rely on wiki-style guides, friend advice, or sheer determination to get through the game. Core Keeper’s approach is to limit what you touch, but never how you approach it. You will always start in the same early game biome with the same basic enemies, resources and materials.

Core Keeper’s approach is to limit what you’re exposed to, but never what you do with it

All the items you can craft early on are made up of things you can find in the first biome, when you have enough resources you can craft a better workbench which opens up using the next biome Crafting recipes for materials available in the system. You can go through each area however you want, but if you don’t know what to do next, there’s a pretty obvious clue in the crafting menu – a great way to subtly guide the player towards the next objective.

Minecraft is also full of mysterious processes and mechanics, like earning and using experience. While yellow and green XP orbs will pour out of every Minecraft mobs you kill, you’ll never know what you can do with them. Core Keeper treats XP like a traditional RPG, so if you run around a lot or dodge the game, you’ll earn points that make you faster.

Mining makes you a more efficient miner, melee combat experience makes you more adept in brawls, and practicing your bow gives you ranged abilities that Legolas would be jealous of. There’s a reason for going after a specific type of character build in Core Keeper, and it’s always clear how you’re going towards that goal.

All of these relatively minor features make for a game like Minecraft, built around crafting and survival, but with a clear path forward for players who need more direction.

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