Corsair's Glaive RGB Pro is a powerful update to a great gaming mouse

Corsair’s Glaive RGB Pro is a powerful update to a great gaming mouse

Corsair’s Glaive RGB Pro is a powerful update to a great gaming mouse


Like many of the makers in our best gaming mice roundup, Corsair has made a habit of learning from its mistakes and iterating on successes in smart, forward-looking ways, especially in the peripherals space. The Glaive RGB Pro is the successor to a long line of similarly-named, ever-improving mice, and the learning process is evident in smart (if small) improvements.

First and foremost is the weight of the pointer. While I generally prefer heavier mice, the Glaive is a unit that benefits from a slight reduction, down to 115 grams in the Pro, but it’s still not quite as lightweight. Because it’s primarily aimed at the MOBA and FPS markets, the lighter weight is a boon, in tight situations, when you need to react to an ambush breaking through a window or face a sudden mid-lane advance. Despite its name, the Glaive feels like a light and flexible mouse, unlike its long, wide design.

The sensor has also been upgraded, and the PixArt PMW3391 has a CPI of up to 18,000. Just like its predecessor, the CPI on the Glaive Pro can be adjusted in increments of 1 CPI from 100 all the way up to the maximum rating, and the stepped CPI indicator is located in the top left corner of the device so it’s easy to see without distraction glance. It’s also popular with the CPI buttons, meaning you don’t have to go all the way through the entire range of settings to get right below the current selection.

Another big selling point for the Glaive Pro and previous models is the replaceable magnetic side panels. These are also improved on the latest version, with cups that slope better to fit your hands and fingers, and are wrapped in grippy tactile rubber. If you like the wide feet protruding from the left panel like I do, that option is available in the Glaive Pro, but for those who prefer a narrower profile, the default concave panel is a good choice. Of course, there’s also the requisite RGB lighting kit, and the Pro appears to have been refurbished to mitigate some of the light bleed that was evident in the previous iteration.

The only real problem I have with this pointer is the thumb button. While they are well spaced and differentiated so you can easily tell them apart even in the heat of a firefight, they are too sensitive. I tend to use them mostly to adjust system volume, and it’s impossible to press those thumb buttons every time, unfortunately, this problem is common with Corsair mice. The mouse wheel, on the other hand, is large and textured, and it’s a pleasure to rotate or carefully switch up and down, and the ever-improving iCue software and surface calibration utility continue to stand out.

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