Destiny 2 developer Bungie offers update on recent YouTube removal

Destiny 2 developer Bungie offers update on recent YouTube removal


Over the past week, several prominent YouTubers covering Destiny-related content have been notified of their work. Even Bungie wasn’t immune to the Destiny copyright attack, although the developer did mention at the time that it was looking into the issue.

According to Bungie, some of these notifications originated from fraudulent accounts created to impersonate its intellectual property protection service, CSC. Fake accounts submitted fraudulent legal requests to YouTube, but the issue has been resolved and all submissions from these accounts will be revoked.

“Handling these removals was a law enforcement error by Google, and in addition to cancelling the strike and restoring the video, they’re working to improve the process to reduce the likelihood of any similar mistakes in the future,” Bungie explained in a blog post.

To further clarify the situation, Bungie added that it and CSC did not act maliciously or issue any unauthorized takedowns, and no bad actors were responsible for these company-affiliated notices. When Bungie issued a takedown notice, it had been for the unauthorized use and upload of its original soundtrack music content, but recent events have prompted a change in how Bungie protects this particular content.

“Going forward, we will allow certain Destiny music tracks to be uploaded to the channel for archival purposes,” Bungie said. There are some rules for using these music tracks:

  • It cannot be an OST song that Bungie has publicly released or released elsewhere.
  • Content cannot be monetized.
  • The creator needs permission from Bungie by contacting this email:

Bungie added that while its support of its creator community is a vital part of its Destiny 2 strategy, there must be some boundaries between fan content and leveraging the work its employees have produced over the years. Currently, studios allow Destiny 2-based videos to be monetized if at least 20% of that content is player-created, including custom commentary, animations, graphics, or gameplay.

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