Destiny 2 The Witch Queen release date, features and new gear

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen release date, features and new gear


When is Destiny 2 The Witch Queen’s release date? This is the much-anticipated new expansion for multiplayer, and as the name suggests, players will finally face off against the villain of the same name, the terrifying Savathun himself. In case you need to remind who she is, she is the middle sister of Xivuaras, the god of war, and Oryx, the robbed king. They are the main gods of the Zerg, and they originally made a deal with the Zerg God on the basis.

The Hive Gods have their own “cyst universe” in the Ascension Realm, otherwise known as the Throne World – a realm where they have absolute power. That’s where the Guardians go against the Witch Queen, who has plenty of power, including the Hive Guardians who have the ability to use the Holy Light.

The Witch Queen expansion was released alongside Season 16, marking the end of Season 15, where we’ve been working with Mara Sov to remove Savathûn’s Worm, the source of her power, at her request. When the release date arrives, we’ll know if Savathûn – the queen of lies, mind you – actually intends to forgo her pact with the worm gods. Here’s everything we know about the Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 witch queen release date

The release date for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is February 22, 2022. Originally, the expansion was planned to launch in 2021, but a delay pushed it back to the beginning of the year.

That means this season has been an exceptionally long one.Four seasons will accompany the Witch Queen before we start looking ahead to 2023’s Destiny 2 Lightfall

new location for witch queen

The expansion takes place in the Throneworld of Savathurn, her own private universe in which she reigns supreme. From PCGamer’s interview with Destiny 2 director Joe Blackburn, we learned that the world of Thrones will consist of three areas: a pyramid ship that crashed in a dark swamp, Savathûn’s huge ornate castle, and a bubble that mixes the two.

new enemy of the witch queen

In the expansion, we will fight against the hive guardians of the witch queen with the holy light. This ability is usually granted by travelers, so where exactly did Savathûn get the light?

Maybe things are different in the Throneworld of Savathurn, or maybe she figured out a way to steal it – she did draw light from the Guardians in the vanilla counterattack of Savathurn’s Song.According to Joe Blackburn, we should “think about [the Hive Guardians] Big, strong, meaty, mech like Wyverns. Every time you see Hive Guardian, we want it to change the way you play. “

Talking to Polygon, Joe explained that when you face these Hive Guardians, “we want it to feel like you’re fighting you”. These hive guardians can use super and revive just like the player.

New features and content for the Witch Queen

Instead of giving us another new subclass of Darkness, Bungie overhauls all Photon classes step by step to use the same system as Stasis, allowing you to customize your build even more. This rework starts in season 16 with a Void subclass.

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We also got a new weapon prototype, the Glaive – a part melee, part ranged weapon that generates shields. The Destiny 2 weapon crafting system is also in development – we’ll be using it to craft the Glaive.

If you’re looking for a substantial challenge, the Witch Queen has added a Legendary difficulty campaign mode that empowers enemies and limits respawns. Bungie also announced that there will be a new raid or dungeon every three months, so we could see more classic raids return to the game, like the updated Glass Dome.

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