Dota 2 player count just hit its highest peak in a year and a half

Dota 2 player count just hit its highest peak in a year and a half

Dota 2 just saw its highest player count in a year and a half, with more than 780,000 concurrent players diving into Valve’s MOBA game in January. That’s according to data from Steam Charts (via Yahoo News), which recorded Dota 2’s last peak over January in spring 2020.

The exact total for January was 786,118 peak players, according to Steam Charts. While concurrent players have remained between 6 million and 700,000 for the past year or so, the last time the January total was beaten was in May 2020, at 793,135. While it’s not entirely clear why this month has seen such a big leap, it’s likely that the leap was driven by the arrival of Dota on January 18th.

While there was a dip later in the month, that could have a big impact on Dota’s peak player count, especially considering that the debut of the first book seems to have caused a similar increase. The first season arrived in late March 2021 and then saw peak players increase by more than 56,000 from 648,875 that month to 705,534 in April.

It’s also worth noting the arrival of the Collector’s Treasure and Labyrinth update for Aghanim’s Artifact in January, bringing 18 sets voted on by fans of the game, new rewards, and gameplay between them. You can see details about caching in that post and the updated patch notes at that link.

Aghanim’s Collector’s Chest, Dungeon Update, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2.

— DOTA 2 (@DOTA2) January 18, 2022

Late last year, Valve added more ways to play MOBAs, adding support, meaning you can now play Dota 2 with any controller supported by Steam Input.

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