Elden Ring Fia Quest: Baldachin's blessing explained if you let Fia catch you

Elden Ring – Baldachin’s blessing explained if you let Fia hug you

Elden Ring – Baldachin’s blessing explained if you let Fia hug you


When you get a hug, it’s usually a good thing. In Elden Ring, however, few things are as they first seem. Fia in Elden Ring seems to be a pretty nice lady – maybe a little lonely, but she really just wants to help. But since this is from software, you have to be careful. In fact, hugging brings a secret debuff you might not even realize. However, Fia’s Embrace also grants a unique item that can make a big difference in major battles. The following is about whether you should let Fia hold your information.

Elden Ring Fia’s Embrace debuff explained

If you let Fia hug you in a roundtable, a status icon with a red square and a down arrow will appear below your health and FP bars. This shows that your HP has decreased. That’s a small 5% reduction, but it still works in most encounters, especially challenging ones like Margit and Godrick boss fights.

However, debuffs are not permanent. You can restore your health with the hug item Fia gave you: Baldachin’s Blessing. Whether it’s worth it depends on your playstyle. The Embrace debuff can have disastrous effects, but the higher balance it provides means you can withstand prolonged attacks from enemies without breaking your stance. Blessings are not required, but are worth using if you need an extra edge in combat.

A tainted blessing is another’s death knell

What is Baldachine’s blessing in the Elden Ring?

Baldachin’s Blessing is a unique item that can only be obtained from Fia’s Embrace. It uses a small amount of FP and increases your Poise in battle. Balance determines how likely an enemy attack is to stagger you, break your defenses, and leave you dumbfounded and vulnerable. Typically, heavy armor enhances your sense of balance, which puts less powerful classes like astrologer and penitent at a slight disadvantage.

Smart timing with Baldachin’s Blessing can remove health debuffs, giving you an advantage against powerful foes without the consequences. Consuming the blessing is also the only way to remove this debuff. Resting in the Land of Grace has no effect, so be sure to use it at some point.

In Elden Ring, Poise can only get you so far, and Fia is far from the only debuff you’ll face. Poison can ruin even the best plans if you don’t remove the poison state quickly enough. Spending some time farming runes is also a solid stat investment in your tarnished future and the weapons they’ll find later. receive a commission from retail offers.

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