Elden Ring Boss Battle Guide: How to Defeat Rykard, Of Blasphemy

Elden Ring Boss Battle Guide: How to Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Elden Ring Boss Battle Guide: How to Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy


Elden Ring is full of top-notch boss fights, but few of them involve gimmicks. A good way to do this is Reckard, Lord of Blasphemy. While Rykard’s combat isn’t as difficult as the other demigod bosses Elden Ring has to offer, such as the Starscourge Radahn, he can still easily take you away if you’re not vigilant or fail to properly use items that the game strongly suggests you should use. Fortunately, just a little preparation can help you beat him.

To fight Rykard and claim his great rune for yourself, you must first travel through Volcano Manor. Here’s how to get to Rykard’s boss room, and tips and tricks for taking down this Shardbearer.

to lycrad

There are two main ways to do this. The first is to travel from Mt. Gelmir to Volcano Manor, then accept and complete a series of assassination missions given to you by Tanith. After completing these quests, Tanis will ask you if you would like to meet the Blasphemy Lord himself. Accepting her offer will teleport you directly outside Reckard’s boss room.

The second way is to fight through the Volcano Manor. To do this, you first need to talk to Tanis in Volcano Manor, accept her offer, and get the living room key. Inside a door opened with a key, there is an illusory wall in the back right corner. From there, keep working hard. You’ll eventually have to fight a boss battle with the god-hide nobles. After that, continue through the manor until you reach the fog door leading to the Reckard boss room.

Just inside the boss room door will be a corpse with items. This item is actually a weapon – the Serpent Hunter. This weapon is vital to defeating Rykard, so keep equipping it.

Stage 1 – God Eater Serpent

Snake…why must it be a snake?

The fight with Rykard is often referred to as a “gimmick” boss fight, or rather a fight where it doesn’t matter what character you end up building. Instead, gimmick battles revolve around using special items or mechanics to win. In this case, that gimmick is the snake hunter spear.

While it may look like a normal spear at first glance, this weapon possesses a powerful ability that only comes into play in this boss fight. All of its attacks against Recard have been greatly enhanced, emitting a long-range white beam with each attack. This allows you to attack the giant Rykard from farther than normal. You can technically use your normal weapons or magic against Rykard, but if you do, you’re going to have a very, very rough time. This battle is designed to be done with snake hunters.

Like many of Elden Ring’s signature boss fights, the Rykard boss fight takes place in two phases. The first is the God-Eating Serpent, a giant coiled snake that you must contend with to reveal Lycrad’s true form. This snake has several key attacks to watch out for. The Devourer will occasionally lunge at you with its head from the side, occasionally immediately following up with another attack. This attack can be safely blocked, or just leave your dice roll unscathed.

Another more dangerous attack the snake will use is the unstoppable grab, where the snake raises its head high to signal it before swooping at you. You need to either get out of the attack’s fairly far range or dodge at the right time to avoid getting caught and hitting the ground. Other attacks the snake will use include throwing venom at you and spewing balls of lava around its body or in front of its mouth.

These attacks are easy to dodge, so be sure to keep a safe distance and don’t stand in a pool of fire/poison. The snake will use one final, rather destructive attack. After getting up, the snake will head to the ground and then lift its head. This would cause the lava quake to erupt in an incredibly large arc in front of its head. In our experience, this cannot be dodged or skipped. The easiest solution seems to be to block the attack, preferably with a high refractory shield. You’ll still take a small amount of damage, but it’s much better than the massive hit points from the attack.

Once you’ve learned the serpent’s attack, all that’s left is to use the snake hunter’s unique attack to deal damage when you’ve got space. Even without any upgrades, the spear does good damage and can be used from a fairly safe distance due to its long range. Take your time to poke open at the beast until it “dies”. You can also summon a spirit to help distract the boss, and if you happen to have Mimic Tears, you’ll get the benefit of essentially having both characters wield a snake hunter weapon.

Alternatively, if you have a decent health pool and high fire resistance gear and amulets, you can also choose to run straight to the God Eater, stand in the fire around its body, and chop it down with the Snake Hunter. You’ll periodically take light fire damage that you need to heal, but the benefit is that it’s too close to the monster’s body for it to use most of its attacks. However, you still need to pay attention to when it spins into place and throws a fireball.

Stage 2 – Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

As if a giant snake demon couldn’t get any worse.

After defeating the Serpent, Reckard will reveal his true colors… no exaggeration. He also draws a large sword full of guts from the snake’s mouth. Fortunately, Rykard wasn’t much more difficult than his previous form. The biggest addition is his sword, which he will use for several different attacks. He occasionally makes long, slow sweeps with his weapon, easily dodging (Dodge the sword instead of dodging as it’s too slow and if you dodge in the wrong direction you may still get caught in the attack). Slightly problematic is his stabbing attack. They have a great range, so keep an eye out for when he backs up and prepares to stab.

He will stab multiple times in quick succession, so keep your back and dodge accordingly. Rykard occasionally spews lava balls around him and emits flaming skulls that fly around and leave trails of light behind him. These trails will then ignite, firing explosions along the trail. Make sure to stay away from these trails during the battle.

At around 50% HP, Rykard will introduce some new moves. First, snakes you’ve killed will come back to life, using many of the same bite attacks from the first phase of the fight. Additionally, Rykard will have two new, incredibly powerful moves that you have to watch out for. Lykard will be seen raising his sword high above his head and unleashing an army of flaming skeletons. The skulls will follow you and explode after a short delay. The important thing to remember when avoiding these skulls is to keep moving. Don’t stand still to avoid getting hit by multiple skulls. It’s best to avoid attempting any hits with the Snake Hunter Spear at this stage, as it will leave you open to exploding skulls. After Rykard has finished throwing flaming skeletons at you, he will perform a powerful sword slam attack. Get as far away from it as possible, if you get hit by it, you’re likely to die in one hit.

It’s easy to get bogged down in this fight, so be sure to sprint and reposition. Otherwise, stage 2 functions in much the same way as stage 1. Attack him with snake hunters if possible, don’t get close, and be patient. Just like in the first stage, you can also take a close and personal approach and run directly to Reckard, hug his body, and attack with the Snake Hunter (if you have fire resistance and health) . Just like in the first phase, you’ll still take periodic fire damage, and there will also be some attacks that you need to watch out for, but are thus able to largely avoid his sword attacks.

As in Phase 1, you can summon a tank spirit to get Rykard’s attention and cool you down. Also, if you get stuck, feel free to spend some Somber Smithing Stones (if you have extra) to upgrade the Serpent Hunter’s damage. You should be able to play this fight without leveling up, but having more damage always makes things a little easier. Keep stabbing on Rykard with the snake hunter, and it won’t be long before you’re victorious. receive a commission from retail offers.

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