Elden Ring Siofra River Guide: Where to go, items to get and enemies to watch out for

Elden Ring Siofra River Guide: Where to go, items to get and enemies to watch out for

Elden Ring Siofra River Guide: Where to go, items to get and enemies to watch out for


Welcome to the Siofra River at Elden Ring, an underground wonderland of beauty and pain that you might stumble upon before quickly realizing it’s an unsuitable place to linger. The Siofra River is home to many late game points of interest, including two bosses with Remembrances and one of the best Spirit summons in the game. Even with a powerful set of gear, you still won’t be able to get to the upper reaches of the river until you’ve completed Elden Ring’s main optional battle.

How to get to Siofra River in Elden Ring?

You will take the elevator to the river. The first is located in Ringgrave, northwest of Heitburg. You can find Deep Siofra River Well in Dragonbarrow in Caelid, although this location and the area that takes you to it is much more dangerous than Siofra’s first entrance.

Resurrection Ancestral Spirit

One of Siofra River’s early bosses is the Ancestral Spirit, a giant deer willing to give you the ashes of its soul if you defeat its earthly remains. You’ll find the Ancestral Spirit in the Land of the Horn, but it only appears when you light the eight braziers scattered around the river and to the northeast. A band of ghostly soldiers roams the land north of the riverbank. They – especially archers – can easily destroy you in one hit. If you decide to try this fight early in the game, watch your performance and use fire and divine damage to exploit your ancestor’s weaknesses.

grab the horn bow

There is a corpse under the stairs leading to the Piazza della Santos. Their misfortune is your gain. The Siofra River may have proved too much for the hapless traveler, but you can pick up their Horn Bow and put it to good use. The Horn Bow has several unique aspects that make it worthwhile for any ranged class. Mighty Shot, its skill, increases the power of your bow strikes, but the real standout feature is the horned bow’s increased magic damage per attack. In addition to making it invaluable to magic-vulnerable enemies, this means that your magic arrows deal almost double the damage.

Find Ghost Gloves

Speaking of ashes, you’ll find Ghost Glovewort growing throughout the region. These rare items are the currency you use to level up Ashes of Spirit with Rodrika in the Roundtable. Unlike Smithing Stones, the number of Ghost Gloveworts in the game is limited. Think carefully before deciding which Soul Ashes to upgrade. You’ll find even more Ghost Gloves and Graveyard Gloves in the various catacombs scattered across the continents.

Visit the Eternal City Nokron

Nokron is the western half of the Siofra River, the part that surrounds spires and dilapidated buildings is out of reach. They will remain out of reach until you defeat the Starscourge Radahn, after which a meteor falls from the sky and opens the way to Nokron. In this ancient area, you’ll complete multiple questlines, including Ranni’s quest and Fia’s quest. It also has another unique boss and the best spirit summons.

Don’t let the beauty of the Siofra River fool you. This is a dangerous place with challenging bosses.

Revive the Ancestral Spirit

The Imperial Ancestral Spirit is a more challenging variant of the Ancestral Spirit. You’ll need to find six more braziers to restore it before challenging it at Nokron’s Hallowhorn Grounds. Defeating the Imperial Ancestral Spirit – which is also weak against Fire and Holy – earns you a memorial. Take it to Enya, the Finger Reader at the Round Table Keep, and you can buy the Winged Giant Horn or the Ancestral Spirit’s Horn. If you haven’t used the Wandering Mausoleums in Liurnia’s Mausoleum Complex, you can copy Remembrance there, then bring it back to Enia to buy your first skip ability.

Get Mimic Tears

Widely regarded by the Elden Ring community as the best spiritual summoner, Mimic Tear is waiting for you at Nokron. This is a reward for the optional boss south of the Night Shrine. True to its name, Tears of Imitation replicates your current gear and skills. You can enter this fight with no clothes or weapons, then quickly equip your usual gear when the tears form. Summoning Mimic Tear Ashes means summoning a copy of yourself, making it an invaluable asset in the tougher fights of the Elden Ring.

meet demigods

and send them to eternity. Mohg, the Blood Omen built the Mohgwyn Palace on the Siofra River, although you have to do some extra quests to get to it. Normally, you can only reach Mohwyn Palace through a portal in the Sacred Snow, which itself is an area that can only be accessed through the Union Halligartrie Medal. However, if you complete the Whiteface Vale questline, he will take you to the palace to meet Moher. It’s an extraordinarily tough battle, but upon victory you’ll get nearly half a million runes and a new memorial. Since Mohg is a demigod, you can replicate his memorial in any unused tomb. receive a commission from retail offers.

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