Elden Ring's latest glitch sends horses flying

Elden Ring’s latest glitch sends horses flying

Elden Ring’s latest glitch sends horses flying


When the game’s 1.03 patch was released last week, Elden Ring speedrunners were forced to scramble to find new strategies. The update severely crippled the various speedrun crutches used by record holder Distortion2, which naturally led to a scramble to find better ways to break the game. Players at Elden Ring may have found the answer: make the horses fly.

It’s hard to track down exactly who first spotted the glitch, but the earliest video dates back to March 17. Here’s how it works: in certain areas of the map, you need to immediately unmount the torrent, then let it die. Then when you spawn the horse again, it will be able to run across the sky like a pegasus.

It sounds easy. This is obviously a rather difficult glitch that can only be done in specific areas of the map. The previously linked video shows the “launch point” outside the Volcano estate, but it’s also achievable at the top of the Giant’s Mountain. Distortion2 has been successful at Capital Outskirts.

On Distortion2’s Twitch stream, there’s a lot of experimentation going on, but it’s unclear if the Pegasus glitch will bring any tangible benefit to speedrunners (not to mention the fact that this may be patched once FromSoftware informs). It’s possible to gallop under most of the Royal Capital of Rendall, but getting back on the map safely seems to be the next hurdle to overcome. “At this point, I don’t know if it’s going to be faster than going through this place normally,” Distortion2 said on the livestream.

The glitch also provides access to some internals using torrents, although how this will be useful, again, has yet to be determined. Anyway, in the new 1.03 version of the game, the old Elden Ring speedrun under 30 minutes may soon be matched.

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