Eldon Ring Deep Rooting Guide

Eldon Ring Deep Rooting Guide


Deeproot Depths is an optional underground area in the Elden Ring that can be reached after going completely north through Nokron, the Eternal City, and the Ancestral Forest. After fighting the Valiant Gargoyle twin bosses, players can walk through the waterfall that leads to the Deeproot Depths. Here, players can find the legendary magic, a set of evil armor, and has been controlled by Fia many times. Here’s everything you need to know about Deeproot Depths.

A cave full of ants – and lots of runes

After entering the area near the ruins of Grace’s Great Falls Crest, the player will need to use branches to cross a canyon. If you use these branches to go up, you will find the entrance to a cave. Inside the cave you will find a colony of ants, which is not so exciting at first glance. In the middle of the relatively short cave, however, is a group of ants with huge sacs attached to their bodies. These ants can only be killed once each, but they drop very high-quality rune consumables, allowing you to gain a lot of runes when using these items. Another notable thing in this cave is that at the end of the cave you can jump back to a branch outside where there is a corpse. On that body is the Elden Stars spell, one of the legendary spells/spells in the game.

city ​​of the dead

The Nameless Eternal City is filled with tough enemies that inflict death status effects.

Go northwest from the anthill and you’ll find the ruins of a small town, the site of Grace is located to the northwest of the town. This is the Nameless Eternal City, filled with enemies that inflict death status effects. The town has two key parts; the ground floor where items like Smithing Stones can be found in buildings, but there’s a swarm of death-causing lizards roaming around. The other part is the roof, which can be passed through using branches, but has fire-breathing sentries on top of the building. There are a few items scattered around the roof, but nothing very rare or necessary. West of the Grace Ruins, you can find a coffin on the edge of the waterfall. If you rest in the coffin, it will take you to the Ansel River, otherwise it can only be accessed by advancing the questline of Witch Lanny.

Crucible Knight Cyrulia

The Crucible Tree armor set is inside this tree as long as you can get past the Crucible Knight Siluria.

Head northwest from the Unnamed Eternal City ruins in Grace and you’ll find a large number of random knights and soldiers patrolling the subterranean area. You can avoid most of them if you choose, but there is an optional boss in the tree in the northwest corner of Deeproot Depths. There you’ll find Siluria, the Crucible Knight, a spear-wielding archenemy. Defeating them will reward you with the Siluria’s Tree Giant Spear, and inside the giant tree guarded by Siluria you can find a chest containing the Crucible Tree armor set.

to the northeast

Deeproot Depths contains a walking mausoleum.

The northeastern part of the map doesn’t actually have an interesting landmark, but rather a few smaller ones of note. The largest in this area is a walking mausoleum that replicates the memorial of the boss. If you head to the northeast edge of the map, you’ll find the soldier’s ashes in the mausoleum, which is located on the edge of the cliff. The ashes are in the middle of the road, but if you want to collect everything, you can grab them. Another area is near the bottom of the waterfall. There is a cave with some level 6 and 7 forged stones, and a huge bear.

Fia and the Lich Dragon

Fia can be found here after leaving the Roundtable.

The main area of ​​interest for Deeproot Depths is in the eastern part of the map. This area can be reached by climbing the branches and passing through the buildings of the Nameless Eternal City. Once you reach the top, there is a boss fog door. Inside you’ll fight Fia’s Champion, a necessary step in Fia’s questline and the ending to get an Elden Ring. Fia will appear after defeating the champion and resting at the Grace Ruins. After being imprisoned and running out of her dialogue, you’ll have a chance to fight the Lichdragon Fortissax, provided you’ve acquired the necessary item, the Death Curse Token, which can be found by following our Fia questline guide. receive a commission from retail offers.

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