Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC, free weekend this week

Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC, free weekend this week


Ubisoft has confirmed that a new Stranger Things-themed crossover DLC will be coming to Far Cry 6 later this week. Beyond that, Far Cry 6 will be free to play over the weekend, and even Stranger Things content will be accessible to those who don’t own the game.

The Stranger Things crossover mission called The Vanishing will arrive on March 24th. In The Vanishing, what happened to your adorable puppy, Chorizo​​, and you must find and rescue it. The trailer seems to imply that the demogorgon has something to do with Chorizo’s disappearance.

The entire Far Cry 6 experience, including The Vanishing, is free to play from March 24-27, with 50% off the entire game. Meanwhile, season passes are 35% off.

The Stranger Things crossover in Far Cry 6 follows the game’s Danny Trejo and Rambo DLC. In addition to these free expansions, Far Cry 6’s paid DLC has so far included add-ons based on previous Far Cry game rivals, including Vaas [Far Cry 3]bagan min [Far Cry 4]and Joseph Seid [Far Cry 5].

As for the TV show Stranger Things, the first part of season 4 will be available on Netflix in May and the second part in July. Season five will wrap up the main series after that, but there could be spin-offs that further expand on the wider Stranger Things universe. Ahead of the content premiere of Far Cry 6, new photos from Season 4 of Stranger Things have just been released. receive a commission from retail offers.

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