FFXIV Housing โ€“ Prices, Locations and Patch 6.1 Changes

FFXIV Housing โ€“ Prices, Locations and Patch 6.1 Changes


If you’re considering investing in FFXIV housing but aren’t sure where to start, or how much this might set you back, we’re here to help. From the grand mansion of The Mists to the cozy cottages of The Lavender Beds, you have plenty of options to consider when building a new home for you and your freelance company.

The price of a piece of land ranges from 1,488,000 to 50,000,000 gil, not including the property license. So it goes without saying that you need to save your hard-earned money for a long time to move in. We recommend you talk to other members of the free company so you can split the cost evenly and live together in luxury circles.

With the recent release of FFXIV Endwalker, now’s the perfect time to grab a piece of land in this epic MMO, though you’ll want to be aware of some changes that haven’t yet happened. Here’s what you need to know about FFXIV housing.

How to unlock FFXIV houses in each area?

You can build a house for yourself or your freelance company in four different areas: The Goblet in Thanalan, Lavender Beds in The Black Shroud, The Mists in La Noscea and Shirogane in Hingashi. The fifth area of โ€‹โ€‹Ishgard is also one of them.

However, you must first unlock the area you wish to live in by talking to NPCs and completing quests for them. Here’s every NPC you have to look for:

  • Wine glass: Talk to Hyur, a woman named Imme, at Scorpion Crossing in West Thanalan (x26, y24). Then you have to complete the “Where is the Heart (Goblet)” quest.
  • Lavender bed: Talk to the female Hyur named Margeria at Bentbranch Meadows in the central shroud (x21, y21). Then you have to complete the “Where is the Heart (Lavender Bed)” quest.
  • Mist: Talk to male Roegadyn at the Red Rooster Field in La Nosia (x31, y20). Then you have to complete the “Where is the Heart (Fog)” quest.
  • silver: Talk to the female Hyur named Tsurubami in Kugane (x12, y9). Then you have to complete the “I Dream of Silver” quest.
  • Nine Palaces: A fifth area based on the firmament appeared in Ishgard. The zone has 24 zones and 24 zone partitions per server. It’s already viewable in the Endwalker version, but you won’t be able to buy any land until patch 6.1. You need to complete a series of peace missions to enter the area.

What are the rates and types of FFXIV?

There are five different types of FFXIV homes available for purchase. They range from a little expensive to very expensive, so if you’re hoping to become a homeowner soon, you’ll want to save every gold coin you receive.

From lowest cost to highest cost, here’s everything you need to know about each FFXIV housing type:

  • Private room: These are basically just single rooms in your free company building. They will set you back 300,000 gil. It’s worth noting that if you leave your freelance company, you’ll also lose your room.
  • apartment: The property will cost you around 500,000 gil. To buy it, you need to be an ensign or higher in your big company and have at least a level 50 job. Apartments are fairly easy to get as they are numerous, however, they are not available for free companies.
  • Small plot: These cost between 1,488,000 to 3,750,000 gil. You can build a cottage for 450,000 gil on your piece of land, these properties are two storeys with a small garden.
  • Medium plot: These cost between 7,936,000 and 20,000,000 gil. You can then use 1,000,000 gill to build a medium-sized house with three floors and a larger garden.
  • Large plot: The most expensive piece of land will cost you 19,840,000 to 50,000,000 gil. You can build a big mansion with three floors and a bigger garden. The permit for a large mansion is 3,000,000 gil.

You must purchase a permit for your cottage, house or mansion within 45 days of purchasing the lot. To do this, go to your housing menu, select ‘Estate Hall’, then ‘Purchase Construction Permit’.

What features can I get from my FFXIV housing?

You can furnish your property in a number of different ways, and even do some useful installations to help you get the job done from the comfort of your own home. Our favorite facilities include the Chocobo Stable, where you can raise and train your company chocobos, and the aquarium where you can display fish caught by the freelance company fishermen.

You can also furnish your home with the following:

  • Workshops that make company craft possible
  • Garden beds allow you to tend the seeds that grow into greenery for chocobos
  • An orchestra that loops through recognizable tracks in the game
  • Vendors who will sell tons of convenience items to your free company members
  • Storage room for old, unwanted furniture

How do I relocate my FFXIV housing?

As of patch 6.0, drawing relocation is currently disabled. We’re not sure if it’s going to return at this stage, but it’s related to some wider housing changes that will come as part of the 6.1 update later this year.

If you need to demolish your FFXIV home, just go to your real estate settings and press Abandon Land. Also worth noting, if your plot is not visited for 45 days, it will be automatically demolished.

FFXIV Patch 6.1 Housing Changes

Coming to patch 6.1 โ€” which, on the current schedule, it could drop sometime in March or April 2022 โ€” will implement three additional changes to the housing system.This is in addition to the new districts introduced in patch 6.0 and the end of the plot relocation

One is to eliminate land devaluation. It will also no longer be possible to give new free company members the ability to buy land, or even to immediately elevate them to master rank. Last but not least, a lottery system for acquiring plots will be introduced.

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Full details of the upcoming FFXIV housing changes are still being finalized, so we will update this guide as we learn more.

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