Fortnite 20.20 version confirmed

Fortnite version 20.20 is coming, and I apologize for reminding you in advance of that year. Epic has confirmed a release date and time for the next big Fortnite update, and as usual, when these announcements actually happen, it’s almost time. The new Fortnite update will be rolling out tomorrow as this article goes live.

Fortnite version 20.20 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 19th. Downtime starts at 1AM PDT / 4AM ET / 9AM BST. Pairing will be disabled 30 minutes before that time. Downtime can be up to a few hours, but it’s usually much shorter than that – you can safely look forward to the new features of 20.20 on the morning of April 19th.

What to expect from Fortnite 20.20 remains a mystery for now. Epic’s official slogan simply says “the battle lines continue to shift,” a thread that’s hard to dig out of, and the usual data miners and leakers haven’t had much to add over the past few weeks. content. We at least know that due to an in-game countdown, the Prowler skin will finally go live shortly after this update.

The Fortnite Coachella skin made its debut recently, and a new set of Marvel skins is on the way as a bonus for comic book buyers.

The battle lines are constantly changing, and the v20.20 update is scheduled for release on April 19th.

Downtime will begin at 04:00AM ET and pairing will be disabled 30 minutes earlier.

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) April 18, 2022

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