Forza Horizon 5 now allows you to edit saved EventLab routes

Forza Horizon 5 now allows you to edit saved EventLab routes


The car-centric open-world game Forza Horizo​​​n 5 has a new patch, and one of the most popular additions in this update is the ability to go back to matches you created with the EventLab feature and edit them afterwards. This change should make EventLab a more attractive proposition because it doesn’t need to start from scratch if you realize you’ve placed the wrong thing.

Forza Horizo​​​n 5’s EventLab lets you set up as many custom races as you want, and things can get pretty complicated when you start planning your own route instead of using pre-made courses. The latest patch makes previously saved tracks editable and also adds a number of welcome tweaks to the tool.

For example, you can search for EventLab races by keyword and limit your races to “2020s” cars and Chinese cars. When you are now at the street race location, you will be able to add and edit checkpoints in Route Creator, and you can use the link feature to launch EventLab events. The patch notes also say you’ll see more EventLab creations at each activation point, so you should get a wider selection of user-designed courses from now on.

The patch also includes some PC-specific updates. You should see better distance texture quality and the foliage should look slightly better when running at ultra quality settings. Chromatic aberration has been fixed so it doesn’t get too extreme on ultrawide screens, and if you disable screen effects it will now turn off.

PlayGround Games says it has also fixed the frame rate limit option so that it “works as expected” and the issue PC users experiencing longer than expected loading times when playing with unlocked frame rates should now be fixed.

Another notable update in this patch is the removal of cultivable wheels from the Auto Mastery tree. Models that allow trees to exploit cycles have their mastery points refunded, so if you own one of the offending cars, you’ll have to reassign them.

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