Galactic Civilization IV will let you play as a sentient tree nation

Galactic Civilization IV will let you play as a sentient tree nation

The beta for Galactic Civilizations IV is in full swing, and we’re back with another faction preview as we continue our journey toward the release of the exciting 4X game. The beta update — which you can get in now if you pre-order — has opened up an entire roster of factions for players to test, but today we’re taking a look at another new race entering the space strategy game. You love plants, right?

Bringing a little floral to the galactic civilization, Baratak Grove is another faction with a clear theme and playstyle that sets it apart. If I could sum it up in one word, it would be: abundance. Their hometown has a lot of tile bonuses for food and population, they start with an artifact that can give life to a dead world, and their starting policy slot can even grant those same artifacts (spores of Yggdrasil) to increase food production Ability.

The most important thing you need to watch out for is contamination.Balatak citizens don’t need much happiness, but they sure do not Requires you to pump out harmful gases in your world. The more pollution there is on a planet, the less happy they will be. This will limit the productivity of your citizens, so you need to mitigate its impact accordingly.

The Baratak start the game with some advantages that will give them an edge over the rest of the galaxy. We’ve already mentioned spores – this will help a lot with colonization early in the game, because when you can make a planet, you don’t have to struggle to find the right planet to colonize. Whether that means beefing up your home system with extra colonies, or rushing to settle the closest core world you can find, three Yggdrasil charges can go a long way.

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The important thing to note is that you don’t start by being able to make more money. Your home’s starting artifact gives you a head start on production by reducing construction costs. You’ll also need to acquire colony ships to ensure you can take advantage of the new world you’re creating. Like everyone else, you start with one, but you’ll need to look at things like the “Colonial Draft” executive order to produce more.

Baratak also started with the well-researched Xeno Anthropology technology and even got a starting point culture point, which is more powerful than you might think. All of this combined to bring these super-sentient plant communities to the ground—if they had feet, that was.

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The Baratak’s roster of command ships also provides some good uses. They can defend themselves, but the Baratak are not an overly militarized race, so you need to make sure your military technology is competitive. Thankfully, your many ships’ support features can help your empire grow at various stages of the game:

  • pollen – A small light gunship that provides +30 food and growth bonuses to all worlds within range
  • boast – Another boat gets +4 health when it is upgraded.Great for scouting and expanding larger fleets
  • solar wind – This small ship packs a huge punch for its tier and also cuts the falloff for all worlds in range in half
  • south thorn – This defensive-focused medium hull doesn’t have any unique utility, but is a good base for any mid-term battle fleet
  • umbrella garden – A medium hull that cuts rot and pollution in half for all worlds within range
  • sower – A powerful large ship that can spawn colony ships on its own, making it ideal for long-range colonization efforts
  • Galactic Canopy – Pride of Baratak Grove, this ship can take more damage than it gives. It also halved pollution in the nearby world and increased approvals by 20%

While this faction can grow and expand rapidly — they’re similar to Yoel in terms of colonization early in the game — it’s important to know your limits. Other races like Arcean Republic and Drengin Empire will defeat you, you need to be wary of Festron eating your citizens.

Unlike Drath and Xeloxi, you don’t have any specific wealth-focused bonuses or allies that you can summon (respectively) to help you out of trouble. Grow fast and aggressively expand, but avoid borders with other factions too close until your army is where it needs to be.

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Baratak Grove is here to bring fresh life and clean air to the Milky Way — like it or not. You can try them out alongside the rest of the Civilization roster by pre-ordering Galactic Civilizations IV today, which will give you immediate access to the beta.

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