Grow the studio of an indie college friend into a AAA powerhouse

Grow the studio of an indie college friend into a AAA powerhouse


Earlier this month we had a blast at the inaugural WASD, and earlier this month game developers and players held a three-day celebration at London’s Tobacco Docks. While the event has ended, the in-depth discussion groups have been reserved – they are now on our YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. Joe Brammer, CEO of Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead Interactive, gave a talk Saturday afternoon about how he helped his company grow from a group of college friends to the AAA development studio it is today.

Over the past two years, Bulkhead has grown a lot — in fact, it’s grown from 50 to 100 employees. In his presentation, Brammer discussed some of the unforeseen challenges he and his colleagues faced along the way, and how building a strong company culture and identity was a key part of finding the right people to join the team.

Brammer is unabashed about Bulkhead’s journey — he’s as candid as he is to point out the studio’s missteps as he highlights its triumphs and strengths. Growing into a studio capable of taking on AAA projects requires a lot of work and learning, as well as a lot of improvisation in the face of unexpected challenges.

Here is his talk:

Also during WASD, PCGamesN editor Richard Scott-Jones sat down with Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell to discuss the state of indie games in 2022, and The Loadout’s Aaron Down sat down with Future Friends Games’ Paul Nadin to discuss some of the ways he’s found ways to help in 2022. Indie games gaining attention on Steam.

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