Guild Wars 2: Dragon’s End release date has been announced

Guild Wars 2: Dragon’s End release date has been announced

After previous delays, we now have a release date for Guild Wars 2’s third major expansion, Dragon’s End. ArenaNet and NCSOFT announced the big news with a gameplay trailer, giving us a good look at the expansion’s plot, characters, new mastery tracks, and a slew of other features leading to MMORPGs.

First, when. Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s End release date has now been announced as February 28 for those playing on Windows PC. A major new adventure for the popular MMORPG will take players to the mysterious continent of Cantha – a region that has been cut off from the rest of the world and surrounded by secrets for the past two centuries of gaming lore. As we heard in the reveal of the expansion last year, a magical curse called Jade Wind devastated the region, and the dragon cycle that has now long maintained and threatened the region is beginning to crumble.

As part of a new storyline, players will uncover the secrets surrounding the strange dragon jade substance, which will unleash powers that bring the special technology of the ancient Canthan civilization back to life.

As for the new gameplay, this time we’ll see the addition of fishing, as well as five-person sailboats called dinghies. There’s also the previously announced co-op battle mount — a first ever for an MMO — the Siege Turtle, which looks as good as it sounds. In addition to this, there are nine new elite specializations coming soon that will add a whole new color to the gameplay of each class, and you can expect to see more of the big open world event in Cantha’s new map area.

If you’re itching to see and hear more ahead of the big day, the good news is that the developers are rolling out more content this month in their upcoming livestreams. You can check out the full schedule on the game’s website here, and while this launch day celebration was previously set to a mysterious date, we now also know when it will begin.

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