Gun Jam is a rhythm FPS where the note highway is your weapon wheel

Gun Jam is a rhythm FPS where the note highway is your weapon wheel

Gun Jam is a rhythm FPS where the note highway is your weapon wheel

I’ve been waiting for the same wave to hit first-person shooters since Necrodancer’s Crypt mixed rhythm and dungeon crawler into a cool new thing. Gun Jam is one of the few games with a rhythm FPS, and it’s by far my favorite. Developer Jaw Drop Games unveiled a new trailer for the unusual shooter during Future Games 2022, which you can watch above.

After watching the trailer, I thought this game was familiar, so I went to the official website to find out that Gun Jam is so cool Rhythm FPS Concept This was circulating on Twitter at the beginning of the pandemic. Two years later, Gun Jam is now a proper game with campaign and arcade modes.

One mechanic that hasn’t changed much from the start is Gun Jame’s center-note highway, reminiscent of Guitar Hero. The notes fly up from the bottom of the screen and meet the gun reticle in the center. Players are encouraged (or may be required to) shoot to the beat of the note. Similar to the Necrodancer, it looks like you can keep a continuous note without enemies around, but instead sprinting. It’s not clear, though, how precisely you’ll have to target the enemy. The constant hindrance of the notes on the screen makes it difficult to maintain steady aim, but perhaps some aim assist makes up for it.

There are a few other games out there, like Gun Jam, but this is probably the first game I’d pick myself, mostly because it was the only rhythm FPS at the time that wasn’t focused on heavy metal. I’m not a metal fan, so I’ve never tried BPM: Bullets Per Minute in 2020, and am equally less interested in the upcoming Metal: Hellsinger. After a trailer, Gun Jam has seen more changes. Today’s trailers are all electro-pop, but Jaw Drop says the full game will have an “original, multi-genre soundtrack.”

I also like that Gun Jam songs seem to dictate which guns you can use at any given moment. When the note changes color, the player switches to the corresponding weapon. It looks like the yellow is the shotgun and the orange is the grenade launcher.

Gun Jam’s Steam page says it’s coming sometime in 2022, but you can wishlist it right now.

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