Hearthstone Sunken City Voyage Card Revealed: Heresy Hydra

Hearthstone Sunken City Voyage Card Revealed: Heresy Hydra

Hearthstone Sunken City Voyage Card Revealed: Heresy Hydra

Hearthstone’s next expansion, Journey to the Sunken City, launches on April 12. The new series will introduce a brand new class, the Naga, an undersea race of magical creatures that reward them with spells while they sit in your hand. The spell-based synergy is of course huge when you get a class-based legendary naga.

Enter Heretic Hydra, a legendary druid follower and part of the new Naga class. The 4/5 stat 7 mana minion has a relatively low stat line, but its battle cry is huge. While Hydra is in your hand, it summons a minion with a spell cost equal to the spell cost of each spell you cast. Oops.

The Heretic Hydra in Druid Legends

This ability makes Hydra a great late-game finisher for druid decks that love big spells. Some of these will be out of the standard loop this year, but last year Blizzard introduced Core Set, which allows it to loop from any past expansion cards, laying the groundwork for upcoming expansions. It’s safe to say that we’ll either see some high-cost spells return, or we’ll see new ones in the Sunken City expansion.

But for decks running some low-cost spells, Hydra can even be a mid-game option. If you can kill Hydra on either side of two random 4 or 6 mana minions, she’ll be a valuable game, and it’s hard to answer that question early in the game.

According to the official description, Hydra rejected Queen Azshara’s rule, which is probably a bad idea.

While most will tell you otherwise, not all naga choose to follow Queen Azshara. Of those that were not thrown into the deep sea, only a few were able to survive on their own. Hydra is one of them. She travels the seas, either turning Queen Azshara’s followers against her or conquering those who do not.

In addition to the new Naga classes, Voyage of the Sunken City introduces two new keywords. dredge Lets you draw cards from the bottom of the deck, while huge Followers are divided into sections, and will be summoned at the same time regardless of where each section happens to be in your deck. Blizzard will update shortly before launch with more details about the New Year’s content and core set changes. Two “Sunken City Tour” bundles are now available for pre-order.

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