Here’s how to get your indie game noticed on Steam

Here’s how to get your indie game noticed on Steam


All the wisdom shared and collected at the inaugural WASD event is making its way to our YouTube channel. If you’re not attending an event or watching a live stream, you have a chance to learn something new that might help your career. For example, if you want your upcoming indie game to grab attention on Steam, you might want to check out this talk here.

Loadout’s Aaron Down joins Future Friends Games’ Paul Nadin on stage at the PCGamesN Theater to discuss the latest tips for navigating PC gaming’s most important platform and its prominence in the current online store environment. Steam may still be the primary storefront for PC gamers, but how much value can be found elsewhere, like the Epic Games Store?

After browsing the backend software, one of Nadin’s biggest secrets to gaining traction on Steam is mastering how wishlists work. After all, if your game is on the wishlist of many players, Valve’s algorithm will see your game and put it in front of more people.

This is the whole conversation.

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