Horizon​​n Forbidden West Patch 1.06 is now live

Horizon​​n Forbidden West Patch 1.06 is now live


Guerrilla Games has released a new update to Horizon Forbidden West in the form of patch 1.06, which addresses a number of community-reported issues.

Guerrilla shared the patch notes on the game’s subreddit, thanking players for their patience as the team resolved issues that have persisted since the game’s launch. It also confirmed that while several issues have been fixed, it is still working on fixing others, and asked fans to continue to leave feedback.

Guerrilla started by talking about known issues and said the team is continuing to investigate some graphics issues that can cause flickering, sharpening and screen saturation when moving the camera. Players have also reported an issue in the side quest Breaking Even where they were unable to talk to NPCs, preventing the quest from progressing, reports of repeating certain music tracks, and other bugs.

As for improvements, the developers have managed to fix a large number of main and side quests, including several issues with Reach. For example, Varl can get stuck while swimming, causing the cue to be lost and the player unable to move forward.

An infinite black screen bug, a loading screen bug, Salvage Contracts: Missing Supply Missions, and more world events have also been fixed, in addition to numerous graphics and performance fixes that primarily affect objects, items, and gameplay in the world photo mode. Aloy will also no longer frequently mention her stash when players loot materials in the environment. The full list of improvements can be found below.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.06 Patch Notes

main mission

  • Fixed an issue in “Reach for the Stars” where Varl could get stuck in swimming, which resulted in missing hints [Examine the Machine Carcass] Sightings at Glinthawk, thus preventing further progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Varl would visibly teleport after the focus scan tutorial in Star Chasing.
  • Fixed an issue in “Reach for the Stars” where when Aloy grabbed a collapsed climbing spot and simultaneously used the Pullcaster on a grapple spot, she could get stuck in a falling animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the sunlight suddenly changed when Aloy passed through a certain spot in the shuttle tower in “Star Chasing”.
  • Fixed an issue in Death’s Gate where reloading from a save would cause the Firegleam explosion to replay.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy and her companions would be covered in snow inside the cauldron in “The Dying Land”.
  • Fixed an issue in Broken Sky where Kotallo would sometimes get distracted and stray from the task at hand, which could hinder further progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Broken Sky where Aloy would be placed in an unexpected pose when reloading a save.
  • Fixed target markers pointing to blocked paths in “The Kulrut”.
  • Fixed an issue in Seeds of the Past where Alva would sometimes be unable to reach the console, hindering progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Seeds of the Past where reloading a save after killing a machine outside of Test Station Elm would cause Aloy to get stuck on the floor.
  • Fixed an issue in Singularity where reloading a save would cause some dialogue to play incorrectly again.

side quests

  • Fixed an issue in “The Blood Choke” where Atekka would not move into place when needed, hindering progress.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Cape” where reloading from a save after the “Investigate the Bridge” objective would put players in Song of the Plains.
  • Exercised the machine’s vigilance in Wounds in the Sand so that it no longer immediately goes into a suspicious state when reloading from a save.
  • Fixed an issue in “A Tribe Apart” where reloading a save created after Riverwatch opened Metallica would cause the vines to respawn.

world events

  • Fixed an infinite black screen after stashing the Champion’s Spear and then starting any tutorial or challenge in the Chain Scraper Melee Pit, or a fixed loadout challenge in the Arena.
  • Fixed an issue where the platform at the end of the cauldron in Cauldron Mu could delay the flow, trapping the player below.
  • Fixed an issue in Salvage Contract The Stillsands: Pristine Bellowback where incorrect machine corpses would be generated when reloading from a save after defeating the machine.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where players were no longer able to attack after choosing to repeat the description about unit combat power.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the compass would appear on screen after players retry a game they lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wild loading screen could pop up in the Arena menu after returning from a challenge.
  • Fixed scavenger machines not appearing after killing other types of machines in certain habitats.
  • Fixed dome view icons not displaying correctly after reloading a save.
  • Fixed Salvage Contract: Lost Supplies not being able to turn in quests under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the track “The World on Her Shoulders” would play repeatedly if the player used Fast Travel after climbing a cell tower. Note that this is not a fix for players who have already encountered this issue, we are working on a separate fix.

User Interface/User Experience

  • Removed haptic feedback when standing by a campfire and fast travel when the vibration intensity slider is set to 0.
  • Fixed Vista images appearing in front of black box collectibles in the menu.


  • Fixed an issue where multiple object instances in the world would visibly pop up between different levels of detail.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Aloy’s clothing and body would become blurry in certain poses in photo mode.
  • Improved visual differentiation of attack and movement indicators in Machine Strike.
  • Fixed appearance issues with underwater cubemaps.
  • Fixed blurry artifacts being visible around the heavy crossbow when used in combat.
  • Fixed several instances of camera shake and unintended behavior.
  • Some craftable quest items were incorrectly modeled in the workbench interface, and these items have now been replaced by final assets.
  • Fixed an issue with parallax mapping bubbles by removing variable height scales in favor of constant values; it started separating parallax layers when the original dynamic input value became too high. To solve the annoying layer separation problem, the height scale is set by some Fresnel based logic.
  • Fixed an issue where several NPC instances in settlements were not showing the correct level of detail when playing the PS4 version of the game.
  • Fixed an issue in the Chainscrape Tavern where moving the camera to a certain location would cause the lights to change suddenly.
  • Improved noise reduction for screen space ambient occlusion.
  • Reduced the intensity of the vignette screen effect when Valor Surges is active and when Aloy is at low health.

performance and stability

  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • Fixed multiple assets that would visibly pop or flow in during cutscenes.
  • Fixed several unintentional loading screens/black screens triggering at certain points.


  • Aloy doesn’t mention her stash as often as before.
  • Multiple localization fixes and text alignment corrections.
  • Made several visual and audio improvements to cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy would freeze in certain poses when switching weapons during a charged heavy melee attack.
  • Fixed an issue where remapping Primary Fire’s controls to R1 would prevent players from throwing rocks.
  • Spear Blast when using “Strike from Above” is missing the now added sound effect.
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose control of Aloy by sprinting and sliding into the water at certain locations in the northern ruins of Landfall.
  • Fixed camera issues during end credits.
  • Fixed several mounts behaving strangely in certain locations when riding on roads. receive a commission from retail offers.

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