How do I watch AGDQ?

Unlike some other gaming streams, AGDQ is not streamed–at least not officially–on YouTube. Highlights are posted there after the fact, but the main Awesome Games Done Quick show will be streamed on the organization’s Twitch page.

Beside this, Who runs AGDQ? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Games Done Quick events have been virtual events since March 2020, with no in-person venue.

Games Done Quick
Founder Mike Uyama
Most recent July 4, 2021
Next event January 9, 2022
Organized by Games Done Quick, LLC

Who is Mike Uyama? Mike Uyama – Fundraising Coordinator – Consultant | LinkedIn.

In this regard, Where can I submit a speedrun?

Upload it to Youtube or Twitch, then fill out the submit form on a game’s leader board. Should be fine so long as: 1. The submission follows the rules for the game and category in question.

How old do you have to be to go to Gdq?

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept game or volunteer submissions for those under the age of 18.

How do you get verified on Speedrunner? When you submit runs in most games, you will need to wait until a moderator for that game checks and verifies your run. Since Super Mario 64 is a very popular game, you will probably need to wait a little longer until that happens. Only your verified runs appear in your profile section.

Do you have to stream to submit a speedrun? Not really. Most communities will require a video submission for runs. The most common sites are YouTube and Twitch, but you can link to any site you want for your submission, even if it’s not a video (but don’t expect it to get verified).

How do I get a speedrun timer?

Can you curse on Gdq?

Swearing should be avoided while on stream. An occasional swear is not going to draw any ire from staff, but we expect runners and commentators to keep the content of the run “PG” in nature as Games Done Quick is a family friendly event both in person and on stream.

Can I Restream AGDQ? BIG fan of AGDQ and SGDQ. A friend of mine was wondering if it’s okay to re-stream the event on their own Twitch channel to watch with their viewers? Thanks! Sorry but we do not allow co-streaming of our event.

Can you use emulators for speed runs?

Generally speaking, emulator runs aren’t that comparable to console runs, not only due to lag and loading differences, but also control differences (e.g., some games are easier to play on keyboard than a gamepad). If other runners agree with the use of emulators, then it’s fine to submit such runs.

How long does it take to verify a speedrun? Depends on the moderators, it can take up to a week or several. If it gets that excessive though where it’s taking weeks for a run to be verified I’d suggest trying to contact the mod(s) about any runs needing verification.

How long does it take for Speedruns to get verified?

It can take as long as it needs. After 21 days you may contact the moderators that your run hasn’t been verified yet. You will just have to be patient.

How does speedrun com verify runs?

Runs can be verified by any of the game’s moderators. To become a moderator you can contact a super mod (red sword means super mod) of the game, as they can add or remove mods.

What do Speedrunners use for splits? The most widely used program for speedrunning splits is LiveSplit. The timer is very intuitive to use, and allows for a broad range of customization so that it fits any kind of speedrunning game or category.

How do I add games to speedrun? If you want to request a game as part of an existing series, consult a series moderator first for their approval. They will either add the game themselves or recommend you use the “Request game” button on the respective series’ page for your submission. Each game is generally limited to one board.

How do you speedrun in Minecraft?

Run Walkthrough

  1. Gather Basic Supplies. Chop some trees and mine some stone. …
  2. Find the Village. …
  3. Gather Iron Ingots. …
  4. Craft a Bucket and Find a Lava Pool. …
  5. Create a Nether Portal. …
  6. Gather Gold. …
  7. Find a Nether Fortress and Gather Blaze Rods. …
  8. Trade for Ender Pearls.

What is the best speedrun timer? Timers

  • Livesplit – A sleek, highly-customizable timer for speedrunners. …
  • Livesplit One – A fully online timer.
  • FramePerfect – High quality, fully featured speedrun timer for Apple iOS and Google Android.
  • Time Split Tracker – Little timer, works for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • WSplit – Lightweight timer for speedruns.

How do speedrun splits work?

“A split” refers to the section of gameplay being timed, and “splitting” is when the runner advances the timer to the next split. (Runners map their split-advance button to a key like numpad 0 to make it as quick and easy to press as possible. Autosplitters exist only for a few specific games.)

What is Gdq hotfix? GDQ HOTFIX is a series on spotlighting exciting speedrunning races, tournaments, and other events from the community!

How do you watch Twitch on Roku?

How to Watch Twitch on Your Roku With the Official Channel

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to the Roku site and click Add channel with a code.
  2. Type twitchtv, and click add channel.
  3. Click OK. …
  4. Click Yes, add channel.

Which emulators are allowed in speedruns? Quivico, Krayzar and Tenka like this. GBC and GB have accepted known accurate emulators as well. Most of the time you will see bgb and Gambatte as accepted emus.

What emulator do sm64 Speedrunners use?

You must use Project64 1.6 or 1.7. All other emulators and versions (such as Mupen64 and Project64 2.0+) are banned.

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