Hunt: Showdown gets a patch for post-patch performance

Hunt: Showdown gets a patch for post-patch performance

Hunt: Showdown players have been anticipating update 1.7.2 since before the new year, as Weird West PvPvE multiplayer has been exhibiting strange performance issues. Last week’s update aimed to address these issues, but when it arrived, many players found new performance issues in the game. Fortunately, Crytek has figured out what’s going on and released a fix, which is now available.

It turns out that one of the main causes of performance issues in Hunt: Showdown was an older update that changed the way the client invoked the Steam overlay. In fact, it requires every frame to get the information from the overlay, which as you might imagine requires a lot of system resources. The latest patch corrects this, and now Hunt: Showdown will only call the Steam overlay on certain events, such as when you start a game, or when a friend joins your lobby.

However, version 1.7.2 introduced a new problem. The Hunt: Showdown team is aware that it “unintentionally” changed settings related to code optimization, but only after the latest update went live. Fortunately, the team has now flipped the switch back to its original position and produced a new version.

The team is careful to remind that this hotfix still won’t fix all of Hunt’s performance issues for all players, but it should at least correct the new issues that arose last week when patch 1.7.2 arrived. The team said it is still working to track down the source of the remaining performance issues reported by players.

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