I only want GTA 5 single player DLC in 2022

I only want GTA 5 single player DLC in 2022

We saw a lot of negative fan reactions in 2021, but one did not receive attention. In September of this year, Rockstar Games revealed that “Grand Theft Auto V” will land on the next generation of consoles in 2022. Undeniably, the list of new features is very modest. The trailer made vague promises of “improved graphics” and “seamless role switching”, but the negative response was unexpectedly comprehensive. If Rockstar launched a series of NFTs based on Trevor dyed underwear for GTA online, you might see a better reaction from fans.

At the time of writing, the trailer has 299,000 dislikes and over 64,000 likes. It’s not that Grand Theft Auto V is bad, or that GTA Online hasn’t received enough attention, but after eight years of no meaningful single-player game updates, people seem to be starting to get bored.

Growing up with Grand Theft Auto means meeting colorful characters, traveling to iconic cities to capture moments, er, avoiding violence every time parents enter the room. The recently added GTA online mode allows you to write your own story through street racing and epic robbery, but after so many years, it is hard not to miss the fun of a new single-player adventure game based on the Rockstar crime sandbox.

Expansion packs like GTA IV’s “Song of Gay Tony” or “Lost and Cursed”-which continue to tell a story or show you the world from another angle-have been overshadowed by the continuous update of the GTA online mode. Players feel desperate for Grand Theft Auto 6, but I don’t mind staying in Los Santos if it means seeing more iconic anti-heroes.

Rockstar only needs to look at the positive reaction to the recent contract update for GTA Online, and you will find that there is a clear interest in more story-driven content-less than 1% of the 2.4 million people who watched the trailer People left a negative vote. For many years, the supporting role of Grand Theft Auto V has been appearing in multiplayer adventures, but the reason why “Contract” stands out is because it allows you to correctly understand the life of Franklin, one of the three protagonists of the game.

These stories are more suitable for offline games, you can explore the world at your own pace instead of facing sadness and hackers

Franklin has just set up a celebrity solutions agency to handle the problems of the rich and celebrities with care. Your deeds reached his ears, so he hopes you will solve them when he finds problems. You help some smaller dramas first, and then Franklin discounts it by making Dr. Dre a client. The hip-hop idol has lost his phone, which contains some unreleased music, so you are responsible for stealing it back before the music leaks.

The contract feels like it should be part of the main story. Its mission has a professional rhythm and upgrades, just like the arc of the classic characters in the series. However, the most impressive thing is the smaller details. A visit to Franklin’s home can give you an idea of ​​how his life has changed since the main story of GTA V ended.

Tanisha’s name appeared on the license plate of a flashing GTA 5 car parked outside Franklin’s house, which almost confirmed that the two were reunited, and there is a game device in the garden, so we can safely assume that the two have formed family. Best boi Chop also looks particularly embarrassed, making you feel how much time has passed.

The contract feels like it should be part of the main story

However, some things remain the same. In GTA Online, you will see a lot of Lamar Davis, but seeing him arguing with Franklin again will remind you of his position in the world-he may have the confidence of a big player, but Lamar Never escaped the minor league. After completing Dr. Dre’s mission, you can unlock special cooperative missions that allow you and your friends to control Franklin and Lamar. Driving around Los Santos to destroy the hostile drug hideout is just an excuse. Let them sit down and let their quarrels, nonsense and memories fill your ears.

In another return to the main story, the mission ended with Lamar roasting Franklin because he would not let him into his house. Although you can see the passage of time through Franklin’s growing family responsibilities and Schoop’s age, Lamar’s constant ridicule shows that some things have not changed.

The contract is a great example of how the new GTA Online content can leverage Rockstar’s knack for creating memorable characters. However, you can’t get rid of the feeling that these stories are more suitable for offline games, where you can explore the world at your own pace without worrying about the grieving person, hackers, or having to compete with other players in open world events. This new story about Franklin is great, but if you don’t have a player called xX_GokuBLAZE_420_Xx harassing you on their flying superbike, it will be much easier to enjoy it.

With the GTA online mode, Rockstar Games keeps up with the service game trends that continue to dominate the industry, but the studio can still tell wonderful stories. All the clues to the great single player GTA V expansion pack are there: the game has three possible endings, but a short dialogue in “The Contract” points to a timeline where all three protagonists are alive. Therefore, since there are no signs of Grand Theft Auto 6 and there is little hope for a major update to Read Dead Online, I hope to provide some story-based DLC for GTA V in 2022.

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