It only takes 17 kills to trap the ender dragon in Minecraft

It only takes 17 kills to trap the ender dragon in Minecraft

Minecraft mobs range from annoying to scary. You have all kinds of enemies in the game you might want, but you won’t see them very often unless they’re actively trying to kill you, or they’re stealing your block. We all hate endermen, right?

If you’ve ever wanted to trap every mob in Minecraft, you’ll be happy to know it’s done, and in hardcore mode. This also includes the mighty Ender Dragon, which is the focus of this Sandiction video. You see, Sandiction has captured every other mobs in Minecraft, so he has his sights set on the biggest and worst of them all.

Capturing the ender dragon also requires more effort than any other mobs, especially since Sandiction seems to have style.The video details how he manages it, including Minor Details like having to kill the ender dragon 17 times. We’ve never felt bad for the ender dragon before, but hey, times are weird.

The most fascinating aspect of the whole thing is how he built the trap. He effectively created a small world in The End using materials from every Minecraft biome, then tethered a dragon to its center. Some parts of the build are definitely more gifted than anything else, but it’s hard not to respect the craftsmanship in it.

In the video, Sandiction’s composure also appears to be shocking. There were several places where he was almost killed, but despite this, he remained calm and composed – even if the enderman suddenly offended him or he accidentally took an essential tool away.

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