Keeper of the Core – How to Get the Drill

Keeper of the Core – How to Get the Drill

So, do you want to get training in Core Keeper? The new hit indie is the perfect blend of Terraria and Diablo, and while it’s still in Steam Early Access, it’s soaring on the Steam charts with impressive sales. There are bound to be some questions with so many new players, and we’ve already told you where to find tin ore.

But what about core guardian training? This late game item greatly increases the amount of ore you can mine, as it helps you discover the massive chunks of rock-like material scattered across the map. Even better, it runs on electricity, so with some initial investment all you need to do is sit back and watch the money (ore?) flow in.

However, you won’t be able to do this right away. Drills require Crimson Ore, which can only be obtained from Azeos’ Wilderness biome, which you can only obtain by activating the titular do That, you need to defeat the first three bosses, each of which will drop the item you need. Once you activate the core, it allows you to remove the magical barrier that prevents you from venturing into the wilds of Azeos. Read on to learn all about Core Keeper training.

Core holding drill material

To build a drill you will need the following:

  • Iron Ingot x10
  • Crimson Ingot x10

Before that, you need to make a Scarlet Workbenchthen lets you make a automated workbenchwhich is what you use to build the drill.

Core Keeper Drill Settings

For the basic automation setup of the Core Keeper exercises, you will also need:

  • robotic arm
  • some conveyor belts
  • Dynamo
  • some wires
  • a box or other container

These items all have different resource costs, although robotic arms and conveyor belts also require Crimson Ore – you’ll need at least 17 Crimson Bars for a basic setup.

Once you have everything you need, Here’s how to practice with Core Keeper:

  1. Place the drill next to a large rock with ore
  2. Put the generator nearby and run some wires on the floor between the two
  3. Place a conveyor belt near the rear of the rig to remove the ore.You need to make sure the ore doesn’t fall off the end
  4. Put the robotic arm on the conveyor belt
  5. Put the box or container behind the robot arm

This represents an easy build and forget setting, but you can also change it by putting in a smelter instead of a chest, which will add an automatic smelting step to the build. You can see a good example of this setup in AllFunNGamez’s YouTube video:

That’s all you need to know about Core Keeper training. If you want to play more of these, check out some other great crafting games, and there’s always Minecraft – here are some of the top Minecraft builds.

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