Little Tina's Wonderland Course: Which Course is Right for You?

Little Tina’s Wonderland Course: Which Course is Right for You?


Little Tina’s Wonderland has arrived, and with it, Borderlands fans embark on their latest colorful adventure, albeit with a fantasy twist that turns grenades into spells, psychopaths into skeletons, and old enemies. Become a fairy and a mushroom man. This revamp of Gearbox’s longstanding formula also means that the game’s career system has been tweaked, reimagined, and often just visibly blown up to support the game’s D&D-style world. Need some help choosing the right course for you? do not worry. Here’s your complete guide to your Wonderland class.

Which Wonderland category is best?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has six character classes at launch, and while some bear similarities to the Borderlands classes you might recall from past games, none are quite equivalent, so they’ll take some getting used to . These courses are:

  • bayonet warlock
  • cemetery
  • spell
  • Spore Guard
  • Brr-Zerker
  • Claw Herald

Multiclass Explanation

Before we dive into each class, please also note that once you’ve completed some missions deep in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to assign your combined classes. This allows you to attach a second skill tree to your character, giving you access to four active skills in addition to all the perks you can unlock in the new skill tree. It’s important to consider which careers fit together well, so we’ve included a section for each below, and we’ve also recommended some seamless multi-career options.

bayonet warlock

It’s no coincidence that Stabbomancer is the first career you see when you see the career menu. This is the de facto solo or beginner course, perfect for beginners or those who haven’t played Borderlands in a long time. Designed to deal bonus damage frequently, playing the Bayonet Warlock almost feels like working with you.

Early skill unlocks focus on melee attacks, movement speed buffs, and amplified crit damage. Overall, this gives the Wonderlands Stabbomancer a quick and deadly set of skills that make dungeon crawling in the lonesome more manageable than other classes.

class expertise

Stabbomancer’s class specialty is Dirty Fighting, which gives this class a higher critical strike chance than other classes. This can also be improved very quickly, thanks to some crit buffs at the bottom of the skill tree.

Action skills

Like other classes, Stabbomancer’s two starting motor skills are built for different situations. Using Ghost Blade, Stabbomancer will unleash huge spinning blades (made of…magic I guess?) that deal a few seconds of area damage at a speed determined by their equipped melee weapon. If you’d rather sneak than stab, you should consider another active skill for the Stab Warlock: From the Shadows. With this, the Stabbomancer will be invisible for a few seconds, during which time all damage you deal counts as a crit, although the crit isn’t as powerful as the crit you would have if you weren’t stealthed. Still, the extra damage plus stealth can be the deciding factor in defeating ferocious enemies or overthrowing tricky bosses. You can even use it to escape dangerous situations and keep your destiny out of danger.


Stabbomancer’s passive skills focus on increasing critical strike damage, critical strike chance, and the severity and persistence of status effects

how to build

When choosing your twist of fate (the starting version of the game), consider whether you want to make your strengths stronger or compensate for your weaknesses. If you’re playing solo, you should design a character background that doesn’t hurt your physique. In this case, however, the best preset is the Failed Monk, which is primarily built for magic spellcasters. I went the route of choosing to be nurtured by the elf, which provided above-average agility (and thus, even more crit damage) at the expense of my physique, but then by resetting my 10 individual extra points Invest in physique and strength. In the end, this makes my already impressive critical strike even more powerful without sacrificing my health pool as a single player.


When choosing a part-timer for Wonderlands, I got into the game for a few hours and felt like my gameplay wasn’t unique enough compared to another Borderlands, I was promised fantasy, but the weapons tended to feel like something on a witch’s hat Borderlands guns, so talk. So I chose something that would give me a new perspective on the game’s combat: Spellshot. Although I wasn’t the right size to be a multi-level mage, I started pouring hero points into intelligence, which increased my spell cooldowns and gave me more opportunities to cast spells on the battlefield.

For me, it changed the world. I’m no longer just swapping between seas of guns in fantasy games that don’t really feel at home. Suddenly with part-time, I fire a fatal blow from one hand and, well, literally fire from the other. If you’re a tried-and-true Borderlands fan looking to mix things up in this spinoff, adding some magic to your repertoire can make you a well-rounded (but still very sharp) Fatemaker.

Your build is up to you, but keep in mind who you’ll be playing with and try to counteract the group’s weaknesses.


Graveborn is an interesting class, and probably not the most engaging on paper, but if it doesn’t work, damn it. It’s easier said than done for Graveborn to suck the health of his enemies through dark energy. The key is to give it your all. Having your character fully engaged in combat, with a fine balance between sacrificing your health and restoring it, is the most efficient and fun way to play Graveborn.

In my opinion, Graveborn is a good class for adventurers – those who don’t really want a class that relies entirely on spellcasting cooldowns like Spellshot, but for melee fighters like Brr-zerker Not interested. You’d think Graveborn would be great for the average player who wants the best of both worlds, but the reality is that it’s probably better suited for veterans who aren’t worried about their health bar dwindling and can reliably get themselves out of trouble if they go down in an intense Make one or two death saves in combat.

class expertise

This floating companion will follow you and hit enemies within range with dark magic, a new element in the game that drains health from enemies and provides it to you. Every time you cast a spell, your demi-lich will cast Hell Blast, chasing enemies and doing area attacks with the same elements you just used.

In the early days, the demi-lich was mostly used as a joke, but later you can stack certain upgrades to increase its effectiveness. Some skills even increase your own damage output by giving you more companions with specific perks based on how many companions you have with you at any given time. It messes up, but you can even use your demi-liches as a kind of bait, and the damage that usually does to you is redirected to your companion’s health bar.

Action skills

Terrible Sacrifice is a cool-looking action skill if you find Graveborn’s abilities a bit bare. Using it, you sacrifice some health to deal dark magic damage and drain health from enemies. The more lives you sacrifice, the more extra damage you deal. This skill is great for when you are surrounded by many small enemies or have a big boss that is low on health and wants to kill.

Conversely, if you want a powerful opening attack, you can use it as a starter, then quickly combine certain spells or even a vampire weapon to quickly restore any lost health. Reaper of Bones is basically a game that stretches the timer as long as possible. After you cast this skill, you gain more and more black magic damage bonus, which can heal you and extend the duration of this attack if you keep getting kills. The problem is that you keep losing health, seemingly without end.

Once your health is depleted, you become invulnerable for a few seconds, then come back with a small amount of health. If the enemy is alive when you run out of health, then my friend GG, because you are likely to fall. If you’re dealing with enemies that are more tanky than the usual skeleton archers, you’ll have to combine this with life-stealing magic and guns.

Passive skill

Graveborn’s passive skill tree focuses primarily on draining more health and dealing more damage to keep you alive in those moments of full send. You can unlock some fun stuff later on under the tree, like a skill that has a chance to summon a dark hydra, but most of your upgrade points will go towards maximizing your dark magic life steal, reducing your cooldown time, or increase the damage output of your demon lich companion.

how to build

When you choose your class, you can choose an origin story that gives you certain buffs and debuffs for specific stats. Graveborn players should opt for “Failed Monk”, which drains your starting strength and dexterity, but greatly increases intelligence and wisdom.

As far as the upgrade path goes, one specific skill you should research early on is Faithful Minion, which boosts your damage based on the number of active companions you fight on your behalf. Most abilities are improvements under the hood that can be activated on kill, or passively activated in the background. However, the overall utility of your Graveborn will be boosted by your companions, so those who spawn more companions by your side must be prioritized.

You also need to consider which movement skills you prefer. Do you bet on the bone reaper? If so, be sure to pack a healthy lifesteal load. This means focusing on weapons, spells, and any gear that will allow you to restore health more effectively. This also applies to horrific sacrifices, but I wouldn’t recommend completely dropping health-draining weapons or gear from your arsenal.


Combining Graveborn with Spore Warden creates a multi-professional landscaper, and the two go together perfectly. The more companions Graveborn has, the better you’ll be, as they continually create mayhem, distract enemies, and ideally restore health. This means Graveborn can use friends…a lot.

This makes the Spore Warden an excellent choice as it instantly comes with a small mushroom companion. If I find the action skills of Bone Reaper or Terrible Sacrifice too risky, especially in more difficult situations, switching to Spore Warden’s bow and arrow barrage attack is a nice change of pace, but mostly the mushroom buddies take on the heavy lifting Task.

You might be tempted to try combining Stabbomancer as a secondary occupation with Graveborn, but it is important to consider the primary stats for each occupation. The Stabbomancer could benefit from greater dexterity and strength, which were not Graveborn’s main focus. Graveborn players are better off upgrading Constitution, Wisdom, and Intelligence for faster cast cooldowns. If you don’t think Spore Watcher is your strong suit, it’s the perfect combination with Spellshot.


Spellshot is a marksman who can double use magic or turn enemies into Skeep. You can also make some big mistakes in the middle of the tree, so this class is for more advanced players who don’t mind a stats-focused build. That’s because halfway through Spellshot, you become a glass cannon that relies on building up damage stacks and firing spells to recharge your shields, now called wards. Another big thing to note is that this course is physically demanding if you’re gaming with a controller, as you’ll be mixing triggers and two bumpers on almost every attack. Having said that, the well-made Spellshot is a fantastic game.

class expertise

Spellshot’s class feat is Spellweaving, which means casting spells or reloading weapons…

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